My Best Friend

I would like to describe about my best friend. His name is Nikhil. I first met him in my school when I was in seventh standard. He was the new admission in our school.At that very point it appeared to me that he could be a great friend of mine. Soon we were friends.

We had a majority of things in common. His music choices, hobbies, ideologies were in perfect harmony with that of mine. As the years elapsed, our friendship became more profound. We regarded ourselves more as brothers than friends. We shared our every secret with each other.

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He always supported me when I used to lose faith or in my lows. With him standing next to me I had nothing to fear. I remembered the time when one of us was punished by the teacher,the other would repeat the same mistake so as to make the punishment less boring. He was the only inspiration for me to attend the mundane classes. Even in the exams like history and civics.

I used to study History and he used to study Civics. And we used to pass the exams by contributing each other in exams. I learned a lot from him, he taught me how to fly kites, ride a motorcycle, how to deal with unfortunate situations and a galaxy of things that cannot be expressed in the form of words. I always regard myself to be lucky that I had such a nice friend. After our schooling was over in 2015 we faced a turning point in our lives.

Maybe it was our destiny who leaded us to different colleges. It’s not that due to parting with my best friend our friendship has lost it’s strength. He is still one my best friend and I always try to meet him when I’m in my hometown during holidays. Meeting a friend after a long time makes you to talk over a number of experiences and topics. And that’s where we replenish our friendship.