Friend ship

Friends are like dogs, they always come back. Friends are the best things. What is friendship? There are many definitions for friendship. Acquaintances are always there for each other. Friends help each other, are loyal, and never give up on each other. Buddies are always there for each other by helping one another.

One definition is for some people is friends always help each other . In suryia and Roscoe, Roscoe followed Suryia home and gave Roscoe a banana this is on page 19. In the J.J watt video, J.J. always hung out with the kids, and brought the kids gifts, and brought the kids to stuff.

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At the end of both stories (suryia and roscoe, J.J. watt) they stayed friends. Friends are loyal, well true friends are. J.

J. watt was a true friend, because he always trusted them, with his phone number, and cleats. In the Coca-cola video, if someone fell, their friends would make sure if they were ok, if they were they would lift them back up. You needed true friends to keep you ok, and in check. If we didn’t have friends to keep us in check we would always be getting hurt. True friends are always there for each other, through pain and suffering.

The hardest thing about being a friend is staying loyal through tough times. The true friends in each book and video stayed loyal. In the end you need true friends no matter what.