The Deadly Kink

I have a feeling most people love to watch and play games on their device or computer, but most people also want to take care of their well being.

How do you make yourself joyful, by working out, but by also playing games? You keep asking the same question, over and over again. Can technology be bad for one person? The answer to that question is yes. Tech can hurt us by hurting our back, spine, neck, and eyes, with our back and neck is always bent over when we look at our phone or technology device, so try getting outside more and sitting up straight. The overall question is, is technology really bad for you? We all love to play games and keep track of everyday activities but most people will come back to those technology gear because they give us joy and love, but you probably didn’t know that technology can harm you. When you look at a technology screen you are most likely looking down at your phone or some sort of technology gadget.

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According a post by Lindsay Holmes on the huffington post, she said that “…constantly staring at your phone can wreck spine and can cause later damage in the spine area.” A study byNew York spine surgeon Kenneth Hansraj, said that when you tilt your head 60 degrees forward you are putting 60 pounds worth of wait on your neck and spine area. Other researches by the same surgeon are said to have an impact on your stature.

Everyone want to see well, right? But by staring at a device or computer all day, some people have that job. They have to do their work on a computer. Most people want to know how to fix most of these problems because some of them can be long term. However not all technology is bad for you. In an article by “Entrepreneur” and written by John Patrick Pullen, they said a few ways that technology can improve your health. Wearing a fuelband, use an app called sleepbot.

It helps record your sleep to make sure you get enough sleep. Last but not least is an app called EVO, which helps with trying to take breaks. Most ways are things that people can do at home. They include try and sit up more when you are at your computer, it helps keep your back and neck straight. Try to take more breaks also that can help with your eyes to make sure they stay strong.

One last thing to do to aid with technology, get up and move around outside to help everything, with your body, with your eyes, and with other body segments like legs and arms. Now even though technology can be dreadful, it can help us too because in the paragraph above this one, as said by Andrew Brown from Brainyquote “The Internet is so big, so powerful and pointless that for some people it is a complete substitute for life.” This is so true, the internet has taken over our world with streaming and instant video that people just watch for hours and hours. Some games people play for 14 hours per day, which is crazy. Technology can be fun but these things I listed above should be taken into consideration.