Deadly Future

Our future doesn’t seem to be so bright since our population just seems to be increasing non-stop.

There will be many drawbacks deaths, war, and animal cruelty. The death ratio seems to be very massive and only increasing and it damaging our society. The purpose of this essay is to show the effects of overpopulation. Resources are needed in order to survive our monstrosity of a world we live in today; there too many ways to die disease, bacteria, and starvation. If we have an over-populated world this will cause many wars that will surely lead to genocide which means by increasing, our death ratio drops rapidly causing us to lead to a great depression. If we run out of resources we will surely die because we can’t survive 15 seconds in this world with any medicine or protection.

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What would happen to all the animals? If we humans run around destroying the poor animals habitats, for our own goods like factories; even tough factories are killing our solar system too. Animals provide us with some calcium and vitamins for our body to progress, and grow correctly; for example cows give us milk which has calcium for our bones. Animal’s extinction will surely cause our extinction too. Animals are needed! Over-population seems to be a very important topic in our lives today people we are coming close to a new depression over crowded world among us. This issue will surely ruin our reputation and cause the world to be extinct!