Bad vs Good

Imagine technology as a bad thing! Video games create trauma and physiological problems.

They also create health issues. The purpose of this essay is to show how video games affect people in their lives. First, video games create mental and behavioral problems. For example, because of games like “Grant Theft Auto” that have killing action, players believe that they should do it as well. Video games also cause the people to have delusions. Video games like “City Ville” let players create their own lives and worlds; players can live their own way and be alone in a virtual life.

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Therefore, games can severely hurt people’s mental health because games create ideas in players mind and the want to live their own way in an imaginary world. Secondly, video games also affect health. Because of video games, players become overweight. Sense kids play to may video games; they end up gaining extra weight. This also leads to unhealthy diets. Kids tend to eat less healthy food.

They also obtain headaches. They play for several hours and it tires their brains. In the end, unhealthy diets and obesity is caused by playing video games. Health issues are caused by video games. They play for hours and eat various times a day. Video games also cause violence.

This leads to mental health issues. If everybody played video games for hours, the world would be filled with violence and hatred. Society would be afraid of leaving their homes because violence is exposed in society. Technology can be a bad thing.