addiction to gta 5

I want to start by saying I love Grand Theft Auto (GTA). The reason I like GTA 5 is because I can play online with my friends. Also you can do a lot of missions, the missions are really cool. For example in one mission you get to rob a bank with your friends. I also like it because there’s a lot of cars that you can fix.

GTA 5 is cool because you can get a lot of cars. You can also buy cars and houses. Kids play GTA 5 because they think its also fun to play it. Some of the Negative stuff kids learn from playing GTA 5 is violence. My friends also think its cool because there’s a lot of shooting and robbing peoples cars.

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Another reason is that you can do drive by’s to the gangs and people you don’t like. You can also fly helicopters and go to far places in GTA 5. Most of the example I have given involve violence and other negative behavior. I understand that video games can be negative. In the article “Obsessed with the Internet a tale from china” by Christopher Stewart describes how parents send their kids to a camp for a month.

For example Stewart writes “the chinese news media was filled with terrifying stories ofWOW-crazed kids dropping dead or killing their parents”. This is important because this might happen to my friend if he continues playing gta 5. Anotherexample of why video games can damage your brain is that kids may be depressed or anxiety and have poor grades in school. For instance the article “10 ways gaming can help or harm your brain” by Tom Lowery describes that kids get distracted. In the Article Tom Lowery” found that games can improve our ability to concentrate in the short term but damage long term concentration”.

This is important because school is more important than video games. Finally, video games can be positive for me because when I don’t have anything to do I play my video game. Also when my family comes to my house we all get together and play with each other. Next, it benefits me because I get better and then when i play with my friends I always beat them. Last but not least, when I am nervous I play my game and my nervousness goes away.