Violent Video Games

People are making a big deal over violent video games because of how violent the games are. I am against the law because people should read the ratings that the games have on them before purchasing. I am ageist the law because people should be able to buy any kind of game that they choose to buy. But if it is a violent video game, then the buyer must show some kind of identification to show how old they are.

If someone wants a violent video game then they need to have any kind of identification, and the identification can’t be based on the way that they look in person. When someone buys a video game that is violent, they must know that the game is just a game and it is nothing else. When someone loses there mind in a video game, they tend to lose a lot. When they play a lot of violent games, they tend to think that what they are playing is real and they can’t defend themselves. Then that leads to the epic rampages that used to happen and most of the violence in our society today.

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When someone buys a game the person has to realize that it is just a game and nothing else, they also need to know that it is a game and it isn’t real. Most game fanatics see it that way, but a lot of people don’t see it that way, they see it as a way to do the things such as go on rampages and go off starting fights. I am ageist people buying violent video games because of what happens to all the kids that are being violent to other people and each other.