California Law on Violent Video Games

Cali A lot of parents are angry that kids could buy violent video games at the age of 18. And I’m here to say that parents shouldn’t be angry because it’s their fault that these kids have these video games in their possession.

It’s not the government’s responsibility to keep their children from violent video games it’s the parent’s responsibility. Of course I’m talking about the California law on violent video games. On this law I am 100 percent against it. The argument that violent video games corrupts children’s mind is false. Many other things like music, T.

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V. and other people can corrupt kids’ minds. The first reason I think that this law should be thrown out is that it’s the parent’s responsibility to keep the kids from violent video games (not the government). It’s the parent’s responsibility to keep the kids from these games, and if parents are expecting the government to watch their kids for them, then that’s just bad parenting. The parents should know what they are buying for their kids. The second reason this law should be thrown out is that video games doesn’t corrupt kids’ minds.

Violent video games can corrupt kid’s minds but it rarely happens. If the kid has values he won’t get corrupt. There are other things that could corrupt kids’ minds like violent lyrics in music and violent stuff on T.V. such as the news. I know that violent video games CAN cause kids to become more violent in society Every now and then you hear stories of kids learning things off of games like Grand Theft Auto and other games like that but odds are that your child would get corrupt another way.

Other things like drugs, music, and T.V. can destroy a kids mind. And turn the child violent. My opinion on the California law on violent video games, I think it should be completely thrown out but in the end it’s up to the parents. If California doesn’t throw out the law.

Kids would still in some way get those violent video games that they want. The 1,000 dollar fine that the state provides as a penalty to sell games to underage kids is nothing compared to what video games make in a week. The 250 gigabyte Xbox 360 is by itself 300 dollars so even the fine they have wouldn’t make a dent in the money the video game industry makes.