Violent video games leads to brutal behavior

Did you know that Adam Lanza, who took part in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, was a devoted Call Of Duty player? Although video games such as Grand Theft Auto can be entertaining and pleasurable there also can be some negative outcomes following violent video games. Violent video games can influence young children to portray inappropriate behavior and actions. As much as how kids may find violent video games to be addicting, these games should be limited and more serious on age restriction.

The amount of time a person dedicates to these type of video games should be controlled and short. There are many ways that violent video games contribute to brutal behavior. Playing violent video games often will result in negative brain function. “…

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tending to complete, for example, the word ‘explo_e’ rather than explore.” (Keim 2). Many violent video gamers tend to complete the word explo_e to explode, while others tend to read the word as explore. The reasoning to this is that many people have been exposed to violent content. Actively taking part in violent video games has been shown to expand opposing thoughts towards the brain. According to Keim, “playing violent video games increases aggressive thoughts, angry feelings, and physiological arousal”(Keim 2).

Angry thoughts can form into bad behavior. “…it’s actually a risk factor for several types of negative behavior.

” Violent games can influence anti-actions, such as hitting,punching,kicking…etc, especially towards young kids. We all know that brutal behavior is not a good thing to acquire. Brutal behavior has a powerful connection to violent video games.

“Adam Lanza, who killed 26 people in Newtown, Connecticut was an avid Call Of Duty Player.” (Keim 2) We all know the tragic story of the school shooting in Newtown, but did we know that the gunman played violent video games for hours. As a result of Adam Lanza constantly playing Call Of Duty, he was involved in the school shooting. Another similar incident to this occurred by two young gamers who massacred school students including teachers at Columbine High School. “Some studies in school have found that over time digital warriors get into increasing number of scrapes with peers- fight in the schoolyard” (Carey 2) This statement justifies the two massacres mentioned above that occurred in the schools. From playing hours of violent games, Adam has increased his chances with fight or violence in schools.

There has been many studies done to prove that inappropriate video games does influence violence. “Participants who played a violent video game for only 35 minutes exhibited less self-control, cheated more and behaved more aggressively than did participants who played non violent video games” (Violent Video Games and Bad Behavior: The Evidence Mounts 1). This helps aid our claim of violent video games having negative effects. Can’t you believe that it only takes just 35 minutes of exposure to these types of games to change who you are?”Reviewing 381 effects from studies involving 130,000 people, and results show that people playing violent video games increases aggressive thoughts, angry feelings and physiological arousal.” (Keim 3). This mass number of people playing violent videogames has shown recent changes towards negative behavior.

All types of video games including violent games may be fun and stress relieving and everyone should have the chance to play video games at some point. The problem is how much you play. Violent video games could lead to brutal behavior. The solution to preventing bad influence from these games shouldn’t be by banning them. The solution is to control the amount of time people spend on their violent video games.

Thank you for taking your time reading about this problem we are facing in our society today.