"Effect of Violent Video Games on People"

When people think about technology, the first thing that pops in their head is always going to be positive, right? There isn’t always a positive effect towards technology. Today the biggest thing right now is violent video games. Now, almost all video games include violence in them.

Those video games can even mess with people’s intelligence/their brains. The purpose of this essay is to show how violent video games have a negative effect on people who play them. When playing video games, your behavior can be impacted in a really negative way. One thing that they could do is get people to act as the game does. Such as, they could take the language that is said in the game and start to use it in their daily life.

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Another example is that they would start to become a little influenced by them and begin to get violent. This basically means that they are going to act like a completely different person that no one has ever met before. Therefore, people would start to get a little violent, and they would get addicted to them. People who play violent video games start to get obsessed, and they basically cannot live their entertainment; therefore, the video game could become addictive and people wouldn’t want to get off the TV. (They could even mess up their eyesight if they play too much or are sitting directly in front of the TV). This means that they might have some problems with other people because they don’t want to get off of the TV.

Another example can be that they could cause relationships to be broken apart with people that they care about. In addition, that means that they wouldn’t have anybody there for them when they need the help or want something. Finally, people might sometimes say that the violence in the video games don’t even affect them a huge way. Sometimes people just play video games because it is a little activity they could have fun with when they are bored. So people could get addicted to the violence, they could lose someone very important to them in their life, and sometimes it don’t even affect a person.

In the end, there are a lot of negative effects that violent video games can have on a person. Such as a person could start to get violent and follow what the video game does. Another effect is that they might begin to get really lazy and inactive. Next, the video game can become addictive, and they would not want to stop playing it. Finally, people could lose very important people on their lives.

Therefore, these are some of the negative effects that violent video games have on people.