Summary of "Home Alone"

I have the same feeling toward staying home by myself as Ashlyn Clinton does in “Home Alone”. Her parents weren’t going to be home for another four hours and she was already experiencing some fear. She turned the tv on full volume to block out the creaking noises of the house. Her phone began to ring and she answered it but got no response. The person kept calling her phone but they would not talk.

She called her friend and her friend told her to call the police. Ashlyn didn’t want to call the police. An unfamiliar car pulled into the driveway and started driving up and down the driveway. The phone calls started again but all she could hear were noises. Her friends offered to drive-by and pull in the driveway to try to scare the people in the unfamiliar car. The car left before her friend got there.

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The phone rang again and after she answered someone on the other end said “Bye-bye.” She was more curious than scared now.