Our World, Our Home

The dots of paint flow along the path made by the wind blowing calmly. The thread of dark chocolate is the only thing holding up to hundreds of dots depending on it. The once light pastel colors above us convert to navy blue filled of sparkly diamonds as the hours pass by. Rainbow creatures crawl step-by-step being followed by their own tail. Their scaled bodies are fitting in with the colors around them.

The water crashes against the tiny rocks beneath our bare feet. Prickly wood layered upon the floor surrounded by coffee powder clumps growing the green strands we will soon step on. This magically may be the most beautiful sight created by Mother Nature. This wonder is being destroyed by that crumbles paper which isn’t the only thing crumbling. So is our wildlife and our environment.

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Mother Nature is again and will not live longer without us. Like at our house we need to help do chores. Pick up the trash left by the careless ones. Recycle the things thrown away by the non-conservative. Soon there will not be trees to cut down with the branches hanging off. The flowers we pick and the animals we kills will no longer be there.

We will lose the place where we live life. This is our planet, our earth, and our home. Don’t destroy it.