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5 Steps to Become a Successful Project Manager

Project managers handle a lot of responsibility. They’re in charge of selecting and leading teams, managing budgets, and if the project is a failure, the project manager takes the heat. You’ll find project managers in many different industries, from construction to music, because wherever there’s a project, a manager is sure to be there. But […]

3 Critical Factors That Contribute to Business Success

Who doesn’t want to own their own business? You can create limitless income, make your own work week, and never have to report anyone! At least, those are the selling points. And while it’s not wrong, it’s not the full picture. The truth is, running a successful business takes more than four hour work weeks. […]

Improve Customer Relationships With These Communication Tips

It doesn’t matter how spectacular your product is; if you can’t communicate with your customers, you will lose them. Your customers aren’t just a number or a hindrance. Just like you, they are real people who are looking to buy a product. Hopefully, they want your product. If not, they have other options. Keeping your […]

4 Unfortunate Small Business Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Small businesses have to be smart about their marketing. Budgets are limited, but the need to connect to customers prevails. But even the tiniest of mistake could have devastating consequences for the company. Let’s avoid unnecessary fallout. By knowing about these typical blunders, you can take the right steps to further develop your brand. 1. […]

4 Ways Business Analysts Can Successfully Manage Meetings

Many people prefer to work with a business analyst one-on-one. Communicating in a closed setting is easier with just the two of you. It’s possible to solve an issue with one short phone call or email. Yes, spending individual time with a team member can be a beneficial method of problem-solving, but not always. A […]

Should You Be A General Business Analyst Or Specialize?

One day, every business analyst (BA) arrives at a crossroads. One path is led by generalists, the other led by specialists. And you may find yourself wondering… which one do I want to follow? You must first understand the difference. Generalists offer their services to a number of industries. They’re not defined or confined to […]

Business expanding into the Philippines? You need to read this

If you’re a business who is looking to expand into the Philippines you’ll be pleased to hear that its economy is among the most promising in the world. That said, doing business can be a tricky thing to manage without the help of some local experts, or without a business base on the ground. The […]

Top tips to organise your home business

Running a business from home requires motivation, dedication and organisation. Once these three things are in place, you will soon be achieving your goals. Read on to discover some simple suggestions to help organise your home business more efficiently: Structure your day It is essential that you make a plan for the day. Schedule in […]

How to Improve Your Business’s Customer Service

A great level of customer service is essential to both attracting new customers and keeping your current ones. With great customer service, your current customers will sing the praises of your business and will not only return themselves, but will also help you attract new customers through word of mouth. As such, improving your customer […]

4 Surprising Ways Small Businesses Waste Marketing Money

Many small businesses have tight marketing budgets. There’s literally no room for error. Your money will burn if you’re not smart. Instead of pulling your hair out while you watch your money burn, learn the four ways small businesses tend to waste their marketing budget so you can avoid a similar fate. 1. Your goal […]

3 Ways To Prepare Your Business for Success This Year

This is the perfect month to set up for even more success and growth than the previous year. By evaluating past projects and accomplishments, you can create an actionable plan for your business. But before that, there are a few things you have to get situated. Check out these three tips to ensure your business […]

Why You Should Do An Internal Analysis at Least Once

An internal analysis uses data collected from specific departments within a company to create more significant results. The typical units used in the analysis include: Marketing Finances Operations But “internal analysis” on its own is ambiguous. Most often, when people conduct internal analysis, they use SWOT analysis. Using the four criteria of SWOT analysis (strengths, […]

The Best Books to Learn Business Analysis and Project Management From Home

Not sure if you’re ready to fully embark on becoming a business analyst or project manager in a classroom setting? Dip your toes into both of these worlds by reading a few select books. Some are textbooks that provide introductory explanations of critical concepts. Others focus on particular topics related to the profession, such as […]

4 Signs You Should Be Outsourcing Business Tasks

Companies are using automation and artificial intelligence to manage customers, emails, and marketing. When you have too many ongoing tasks, instead of drowning in the workload, why not outsource your business tasks? Not sure if it’s time to outsource your business tasks? See if these signs feel familiar. 1. You’re wasting valuable time on tasks […]

4 Reasons Your Business Needs Content Marketing

Content marketing isn’t just a buzzword: It’s a tool to help people cut through internet noise and find the right solution for their problem. That solution, of course, is your company. But that’s not all. Here are four other ways content marketing is a huge asset to any company. 1. It spreads awareness of your […]

3 Must Read Top-Rated Books to Up Your Marketing Game

The best way to enhance your marketing chops is by creating and executing campaigns. You’ll fail. You’ll succeed. But most importantly, you’ll learn. Still, failing isn’t exciting, but it is inevitable. By learning from marketing masters, your failures are reducible. These teachers have written books to lead you down the path of success. You won’t […]

3 Reasons Enterprises Are Turning to Business Process Management

Business process management (BPM) is a systematic approach to enhancing or re-inventing workflow, processes, and business frameworks to get consistent results. But first, BPM strategists assess your objectives, including every step necessary to get to that objective. Then those steps are refined, eliminated, or built from scratch to be as efficient as possible. BPM achieves […]

4 Things They Forget to Teach You About Project Management

The saying, “practice makes perfect” couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to project management. Reading and studying is necessary to understand fundamental principles, but nothing beats hands-on experience. The reason you need experience is that projects aren’t made of stone. They’re prone to change. They shrink or grow. Even when everything is said but […]

3 Must-Have Tools for Smart Project Management

There’s plenty of project management software available, but which ones are truly must haves? Honestly, it depends on the type of project you’re working on. If you’re working alone, you won’t need collaboration software. But for large projects where you’re managing teams, budgets, receipts, task delegation, and deadlines, a simple tool won’t cut it. Here […]

3 Occasions You Should Always Use Risk Analysis

How much are you affected when an advertisement worth thousands of dollars, doesn’t reach the right audience? Do you have a plan to correct the issue, or will you be left scrambling to recoup as many losses as you can? Risk analysis helps identify risks before they happen, so you can effectively respond with the […]

This is How AI is Streamlining Business Operations

We have access to unlimited data now more than ever. We have supercomputers, virtual assistants built into our phones, and we may even have self-driving cars in a few years. What used to be considered “unreal” in sci-fi movies is now becoming our reality. We should be taking advantage of these technological advancements, especially in […]

Never Forget to Answer These Questions When Writing Your Marketing Plan

A marketing plan outlines your marketing strategy. It’s a comprehensive guide explaining what your company offers and how to meet specific goals. Anyone should be able to pick up your marketing plan and understand the following: What your business does Who your company serves What services or products offered The value of your products How […]

4 Strategies Every Business Analyst Needs in Their Arsenal

A professional business analyst addresses and treat problems within the organization through analysis. Every company is unique in how they function. Applying all strategies to every problem wouldn’t just be foolish, it’d be plain wrong. But every business analyst needs several tools on their belt to solve problems efficiently. That’s why many analysts have studied […]

How to Make Sure Your New Product Fills a Need

Every product must be desirable. If not, no one will hand over their hard-earned cash for it. Someone who says they’ll buy a product and someone who does are very different; one shows general interest. The other is a customer. In business you either have customers, or you don’t. It’s black and white. If you […]

4 Guerrilla Marketing Tips for Social Media

What if you could catch the attention of your customers, without spending thousands of dollars on advertisements? This is exactly what makes guerrilla marketing so appealing to startups with small budgets. Attracting the right audience with innovative techniques is the essence of guerrilla marketing. Because of the unconventional execution, results can be tremendous — especially […]

4 Reasons You Need Value Chain Analysis in Your Life

Value chain analysis evaluates business activities and ensures it adds value to the final product or result. The activities are analyzed to reduce costs if possible. When you want to know the advantages or disadvantages of using particular resources, value chain is your analysis. But it does more than that. You may want to incorporate […]

4 Ways Improper Communication Strategies Can Break Your Business

Communication strategies combine goals with marketing initiatives. A good communication strategy expands upon a company’s value and aligns brand messaging. But improper communication strategies can slowly kill a business. It slips into the foundation unnoticed, and soon, everyone is in disarray. Here are four ways improper communication can sink any business, regardless of their current […]

Do You Need Business Process Management?

Businesses need agility. It’s not up for discussion; it’s a requirement. We’re at a point where 1-day shipping isn’t enough to satisfy customers. So, what timeframe is sufficient? Well, digital products must be downloadable instantaneously after purchasing — or else a customer takes their cash to the competition. When products aren’t delivered now, there are […]

3 Ways Analysts Increase Business Agility

Business analysts express appropriate knowledge to uncover problem areas and develop a business solution. The goal is to reduce challenges and, by proxy, help the business do better. Better, of course, varies by the company. But all businesses benefit from one thing: Agility. Here are three distinct ways business analysts can increase agility within a […]

This is Why Strategic Planning Fails

Strategic planning should be a straightforward process. It’s a tool to help you plan for future success. But it’s easy for planning to fail. We use strategic planning to reach a particular result in the most efficient method. But things don’t always go as planned. Why does the plan fail? Typically, because crucial elements aren’t […]