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Movies Changed My Life

When I was younger we didn’t have much for things but I was still happy with what we did have. My mom had a job but my step dad at the time did not and he was quite mean and wouldn’t let us come out of our room so we stayed in our room and watched movies. In me and…

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Malala is an Inspiration

The author of The Day my World Changed, Malala Yousafzani, is a young girl who lived in Pakistan. She strongly believed that women should be given an education, especially in her home country of Pakistan.The Taliban is a Muslim fundamentalist movement that took control over much of Afghanistan and Pakistan. They did not believe that women should be given an…

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Cons of Videogames

Whenever I have free time or I’m done with my homework, I play some innocent video games to to relax and entertain myself, but games vary. Whether they are harmless like Candy Crush or Minecraft, or violent gaming like COD (Call Of Duty) or Mortal Combat. Brutal games like these impact our imagination in the wrong ways.Violent video games inspire…

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There is something devastating about a body moving through space. Every action is calculated: synapses firing, muscles contracting, lungs expanding with breath. In the dance studio, my back folds and blooms. Arms sheer the air like machetes, striking on beat. I feel the floor even through my shoes, my toes reaching into the ground, roots seeking sources of new life.…

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Fredrick Douglass

Fredrick Douglass was born on February 1818. He lived with his grandmother, Betty Bailey. His mother died when Fredrick was 10 years old. When Fredrick was 12 years old he had gotten separated from his grandmother. He was taken to the Wye House plantation where Aaron Anthony worked as his over seer. After Anthony died Fredrick was given to Lucretia…

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Oscar Wilde Quote

Throughout his writing career, Oscar Wilde has created a very large amount of inspirational and multi-meaning quotes. One of my favorites is “The difference between literature and journalism is that journalism is unreadable and literature is unread.” The main reason I enjoy this statement so much is because I believe that it has two different “definitions”. I feel like this…

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School Start Time Too Early??

She sat there with her eyes half closed staring at the video about black death in history class. She obviously hadn’t had enough sleep the night before. Or gotten up early for school. She said “ I went to bed at a normal time, but I am not a big fan of getting up at 6 am.” She hadn’t had…

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Evolution as a Nation

Martin Luther King once said, “Freedom is never given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.” Through the evolution of mankind a common trait of humans is to oppress one another for their own benefit. From slavery in the 1800’s to women’s rights in the in the 1920’s to present day racism, oppression is still an issue…

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If Gatsby Were a Girl

You know how it goes. Your English teacher pulls a stack of books off the shelf; everyone groans another book that no one wants to read. Well, if that book happens to be Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby”, you’re in luck. “The Great Gatsby” is a book that almost all teen girls can relate to. Jay Gatsby, the main character, wanted…

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