4 Signs You Should Be Outsourcing Business Tasks

Companies are using automation and artificial intelligence to manage customers, emails, and marketing. When you have too many ongoing tasks, instead of drowning in the workload, why not outsource your business tasks?

Not sure if it’s time to outsource your business tasks? See if these signs feel familiar.

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1. You’re wasting valuable time on tasks you hate

Why? Because business is booming and you’re the only one focusing on new and necessary tasks. But when your plate is full, you’re eventually going to work on tasks you despise. These tasks make you groan before you get out of bed because you know they’re out there, waiting for you.

Then you start procrastinating. You either try to find a way to put it off until the last moment. Or you put all your focus into the tasks to get them out of the way, sucking up the majority of your time and energy. You’ll run out of steam, patience, or become an irritable ball of frustration.

Think about the tasks that immediately make your shoulders slouch. Those tasks can be offset to someone else. The relief will be instantaneous.

2. The stress is killing your work ethic

No one needs to tell you that running a business stressful. But there’s good stress and bad stress.

Some people thrive in stressful situations. That environment gets their blood pumping. The frenzy and chaos only encourage their drive to get results.

But the stress that kills your work ethic is anything but good. It’s more like an anchor attached to you. And someone is slowly nudging it off the boat. You feel pressure, but it triggers the feeling of anxiety, fear, and relentless worry.

You become irritable, taking your frustrations out on anyone in range. Work takes over your mind; it’s the only thing you think about, even when you’re showering or eating with the family. You end up dreaming about the workload waiting for you.

You don’t want to be like this. No one does. By outsourcing tasks, you can lift the stress from your shoulders. Start with the smaller, simple tasks like email responses or message taking.

3. Customers are complaining

Nowadays, customers expect to have their problems resolved immediately, either by phone, live chat, or email. But when you’re stuck managing menial, time-consuming tasks, the customer is the one who suffers.

And it’s not just for problems. Customers need to contact the appropriate representative for questions and inquiries. If someone isn’t available at the exact moment a customer requires assistance, you could lose them. Especially if the competition has constant customer service on-hand.

Don’t lose customers because you’re buried in tasks. You can outsource customer service tasks to others. An outside source, such as a virtual assistant, can respond to email inquiries, answer the phone, and pass along important messages. Customers get the service they expect and you don’t have to sacrifice your time for it.

4. Your ideas are only ideas

Companies need new ideas. Whether it’s for product development, marketing, sales, or even accounting, ideas are necessary to encourage company growth. Not all ideas will become reality, but if you’re drowning in your workload, none of your ideas will ever see the light of day.

Why? Because ideas need time to cultivate and expand. If you don’t have the time, the idea is confined to your mind. And only your mind.

Do these signs hit too close to home? Then it’s time to consider outsourcing your business tasks. It’s a sign that your business on the right path for growth and success, so don’t be afraid to find some additional help.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash