This is How AI is Streamlining Business Operations

We have access to unlimited data now more than ever. We have supercomputers, virtual assistants built into our phones, and we may even have self-driving cars in a few years.

What used to be considered “unreal” in sci-fi movies is now becoming our reality. We should be taking advantage of these technological advancements, especially in business, for a number of reasons, such as:

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  • To go to market quickly
  • To understand customer needs
  • To enhance the customer experience

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is helping stakeholders, management, and employees towards smarter decision making with undeniable benefits.

Artificial intelligence opens up a new world

IBM created a supercomputer named Watson. It’s used by other companies and achieved significant results, like reducing online bullying with Twitter.

Artists created unique, data-driven pieces of art with Watson. And it identified optimal treatments for cancer patients. And that’s only within the last couple of years.

Watson accesses endless data to understand customers. It can find what customers search for a product and predict buying patterns and marketing trends. It also offers comprehensive analytics for social media or other marketing metrics.

A supercomputer with access to data from popular search engines can provide insights in a quick, efficient manner. It’s useful because it focuses on your customers specifically, cutting out hours of market research.

Clunky surveys were once the ideal way to get first-person feedback. Getting enough people was tiring enough, but sorting the information to be usable was downright exhausting.

AI can eliminate the limited ways we get to know customers. We can get to the root of their problem, easily locate them, and provide valuable products they’re seeking.

With the information readily available at our fingertips, AI can also help in other aspects of business, like with automation. Automation allows companies to reduce wait times, delays, and increase productivity.

More time for productivity

Artificial intelligence introduces automation, often used in small aspects of a business to increase workflow.

We see automation often used with marketers, especially for distributing emails.

A marketer schedules a sequence of emails that, once sent, require little management by him. It allows him to collect data, responses, and feedback. Then he can start on the next project.

Without automation, he’d waste his time sending out each email individually. Depending on the number of contacts on his email list, this could require minutes or entire days to complete.

Automation shouldn’t be a word that strikes fear into your hearts. It’s an intelligent method that helps employees focus their efforts where their cognitive input makes a difference, rather than handling menial, thoughtless tasks endlessly.

The type of technology becoming non-negotiable for businesses include:

  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • CMS (Content Management System)
  • Email automation
  • Social media automation

Processes using AI and automation reduce the time to complete a task. It also provides consistent results you can rely on. The procedure is adjustable when business demands, needs, and resources change.

If you’re not adding this technology to your business processes, you’re likely falling behind.

You don’t necessarily need every single type of automation though. If you don’t use social media, automation tools designed for Facebook and Twitter will be useless resources. But to keep track of growing customers and their needs, a CRM may be the exact fit you need.

Don’t ignore AI or automation because it sounds too “techy” or advanced. It’s not. And the benefits they provide are worth a look.