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A Farewell to Falsity

Anni A Farewell to Falsity Love, a mysterious emotion, floats in people’s hearts like air: invisible, unavoidable, and unpredictable, it scars people with its caprice. In Ernest Hemingway’s A Farewell To Arms and several of his other short stories, Hemingway shows readers that some strategies, however, do help promote and secure a stable relationship. He […]

One Head Is Better Than Two

Disagreements occur when teaming up with a partner. This leads to no solution at all, as every person has different ideas of his or her own. In 1914, World War I broke out. Each nation had their own alliances, or teams, though “the alliance treaties were strong factors for the escalation of the war to […]

Minorities In America

February is black history month. Many African-Americans would have just wanted to be able to sit at the front of the bus 75 years ago. They were not even thinking about having a month dedicated to them. In terms of racial equality, the United States has come a long way. However, the racial gap has […]

Deceiving Citizens

The spirit of patriotism is prevalent in American culture and is an important part of our country. We have always considered ourselves to be a great and accomplished society that sets an example for others. Our country seems to have an underlying tone of arrogance in which we magnify the U. S.’s accomplishments to the […]

Stray Animals in New York City

In an interview with Nisa, a sophomore in the NYC iSchool, she talks about her helping animals without a home aka stray animals. “I have a backyard and stray cats go there all the time… I feed them and give them blankets if it’s cold or raining.” People like Nisa are trying to end the […]

tests in school failing kids

middle school student’s grades have been brought down by tests given in all subjects. In school the biggest percentage of your grades are tests and quizzes. When students fail or do poorly on these their grades are brought down. If a child with a solid B did poorly on a test then their grade could […]

How to Find the Midpoint of a Line

The midpoint is the middle of a certain line on a coordinate plane. A coordinate point is an infinite surface (plane) with grid lines to easily measure where the line is and how big it is. The coordinate grid lines meet in points that we write as (x,y) format, x being how far across from […]

Never Forget the Crimes

In the memoir Night, Elie Wiesel recalls details from the horror he, his family, and other Jews endured during the Holocaust. From the first chapter, the Germans have already begun to constrain the Jews. The Jews find themselves with a variety of restrictions from wearing a yellow star to being unable to visit restaurants and […]

Where Does Happiness Come From?

Happiness comes from both internal and external factors. Though most believe that happiness comes only from internal factors, there are multiple external factors, (along with internal,) that make happiness much easier to achieve. On the contrary, if you don’t have internal happiness, external factors that may create joy will seem like nothing. This mindset is […]

Are Homosexuals Treated Fairly in School?

In the United States, the public school system is intended to provide a “free and equal” education to all students, regardless of their race, culture, religion, or sexuality. However, many sociologists that study the structure of the American public school system find that there is a direct association between the social and the sexual status […]

Which School?

School is something that everyone does for almost all of the beginning of your life. The first 6 years of school are the easiest of them all. Then they get harder and harder. As you go through junior high and high school it becomes much harder. Kids are always looking forward to going to junior […]

Gap Year vs. Traditional Schooling

Old-fashioned or modern? Safe or risk taking? Traditional or contemporary? These are the underlying questions that daunt an average adolescent trying to make decisions in life. And in one particular sense, the decision to take a Gap Year between high school and college can be a stagnant but positive life decision. A ‘gap year’ is […]

The Dumbest Generation Case Study Essay Examples

It is mentioned in “Knowledge Deficits”, in Digital Nation and in several online chat sites and websites that our generation is believed to be growing dumber. They credit this supposed decrease of intellect to the growing age of Technology, saying it cuts us off from the world around us and makes us unable to focus […]

I Married a Poor Man

Imagine yourself living in a different time period. Not just any random time period, but the 1920’s. The era of jazz, the beginning of the “flapper,” the parties, the scandalous lifestyle. Sounds fun doesn’t it? Now imagine yourself married while all of this was happening around you. In my opinion marriages were very faulty in […]

“Two Identities to Play With:” Dual Personality in The Strange Case of Dr.

In the analysis of the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, written by Robert Louis Stevenson, the major theme is often debated. Why exactly did Stevenson create Jekyll’s dual personality? [They say] that Stevenson created Jekyll’s dual personality in order to demonstrate man’s need for an outlet, in order to escape his dull, […]

Selfish Causes and the Resulting Manipulation of the Crusades

In the middle ages, religion played a key part in both igniting tempers and justifying violent acts. The motives that brought about the Crusades have been either interpreted as a courageous effort in dispelling “infidels” in the Holy Land, or an attempt to expand papal power and accommodate the growing European economy (Crusades). Because the […]

Penelope's Cleverness

In Homer’s epic poem the Odyssey, Penelope shows cleverness that makes her worthy of being a hero and worthy of Odysseus. Despite this fact people overlook her position because they are focused on Odysseus’ challenge. Penelope shows her cleverness through three different ways: an interrogation, a challenge, and a secret between her and Odysseus. Homer […]

A Toast For Consistency

The world displays change as a good thing. Why is it never shown as a bad thing? Well, it can be, I have seen this, done this. My mother prods me to change consistently and unrelentingly just so her “miserable” life could be the happiest that she could imagine. I have forced myself to change […]

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

“It is good to have an end to a journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end,” (QuotationsBook). Many embark on the bold quest of life, seeking the final destiny it has in store for them. Some procure what they yearn for, while others are left helplessly to their vitriolic fates. […]

emotional weight

Weight is a big concern in America. In the social media of today, a body must be perfect to even be considered okay. If a person thought their body was fat they might diet or even stop eating. If it weren’t for the media there would be nothing to compare to. Because of the media, […]

typing vs. writing

Writing letters has become a think of the past, now everything is typed. Unfortunately, there is no emotion in typed words. Hand writing a letter can have several benefits including not needing electricity. This art allows people to express emotions in ways that computers can’t. Although typing and writing a letter will get the same […]

Word Origins

A weapon of mass destruction can be nuclear, biological, or chemical. Also can be recognized as WMD. They have been around since at least 1937. Before 1945, they were used as conventional weapons of great destructive power. Recently, there has been talk of nuclear weapons. The United Nations have sent investigators to keep Iraq in […]

Ranger’s Apprentice by John Flanagan

“A Ranger wears the lives of two dozen men on his belt.” is an old Araluen saying. This is because a Ranger is a deadly archer, able to shoot an arrow at impossible speed and with deathly accuracy. They are also notable by their ability to hide and sneak around. That is why common people […]

Why Bullfighting Is Valuable

Bullfighting is the most tragic, beautiful, and quintessentially Spanish of traditions.The Iberian tradition recounts a history of conquest and liberation, of authoritative rule and subsequent liberation, and of the push and pull of the tides in the Alboran sea.Perhaps most important of these histories is that of life and death, of agile man and noble […]

Of Mice and Men: Film or Novel?

Film adaptations of well known novels often have high expectations to measure up to. It is frequently difficult for directors to translate profound emotions from text to film without causing public disappointment, and the 1937 novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck is no exception. Set in a California ranch during the Great Depression, […]

The Hidden Heart of Beowulf

The people of Herot, Denmark were terrorized every night, each one wondering if they would be the next to be eaten by the monster that lurks in the night. In the epic story “Beowulf,” translated by Burton Raffel, the people of Herot spend countless nights in fear of the monster called Grendel. The monster Grendel […]

Narrative Response to Poetry

The poem “A Psalm of Life”, written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, is said to have been published in 1838. Longfellow is one of the famous Fireside Poets. “A Psalm of Life” is an encouraging poem which advises the reader not to allow their lives to waste away. He attempts to establish the thought in his […]

What Is an X-Ray?

There is more to an X-Ray than you think.You probably don’t know discovered the x-ray, how they work, what are the uses of x-rays, and what happens if you receive too many x-rays.X-rays have a very small wavelength so they are invisible to the human eye.They are absorbed by dense material such as bones but […]

Amelia Earhart's Disappearance

There are many unsolved mysteries in this world. One of these mysteries would include the unusual disappearance of Amelia Mary Earhart. Amelia was well known for becoming the first woman to fly by herself across the Atlantic Ocean. She has become a legacy and a role model to all women due to her many achievements […]

Rites of Passage

In the story, “The Smallest Dragonboy,” the main character Keevan moved through a rite of passage, turning age twelve to become a dragonrider. As junior high students, we have many rites of passage to look forward to. In the United States, there are many requirements, such as age and rules or laws that have to […]