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The Only Escape is Death

Imagine yourself trapped in cage out in the freezing cold and blazing heat crowed with at least five more individuals side by side. Were your only escape is death this is the tragic tangible world of several animals around the world. Animals treated as if they were nothing more a piece of fabric to make a coat. These places are…

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Courage, you see it all around you all the time. Sometimes more than others but it’s always there; in the back of your head, or the scene of someone being courageous. Because courage is every where, in everybody its something that makes you, to do something bold, something brave. It makes you outgoing and crazy, sometimes maybe even a hero.…

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Fahrenheit 451

Firemen start fires to burn houses. Firemen snuff out the history contained in countless books written by timeless authors; Darwin. Einstein, Gandhi. Confucius. Jefferson. They incinerate the books that will take away peoples’ happiness, and ensure that people live a blissfully ignorant life. They burn the books that will allow and force people to think. The fire gorges on pages…

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The Boi

“How hard is it to make a field goal, Ostling?” the quarterback said to me in frustration as I tried to block him out. Our team was up big, so the underclassmen were given the opportunity to play. As a sophomore, and back-up kicker, I had one job, and I failed. I shanked not one, and not two, but three…

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Why Technology Is Bad for Teens

Social media has been something that teens go to for communication.It can be used to talking to friends far away. Although, social media is giving a bad output to teens. Social media can be a place of lies and deception from its lack of privacy.A lot of teens shrug off this fact which can leave them open to strangers.It can…

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Ownership- American Dream or Downfall?

For thousands of years, philosophers have considered the importance of owning something and how it relates to one’s identity. The definition of and views towards ownership differ across cultures, peoples, and time periods. Thinkers such as Plato believed that physical possessions did not benefit but rather hurt a person, and while based on depictions of our society in literature and…

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An Essay on Self-Reliance

Throughout the centuries, love, a simple four letter word, has captivated man and changed history. For instance, the love for Helen of Troy lead to the Trojan War, the love between Mark Antony and Cleopatra contributed to the commencement of the final war for the Roman Republic, and more recently, the love Ralph Waldo Emerson had for his wife after…

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Holiday Cheer Turns to Stress for Students

As the school year progresses and semester finals are fast approaching, students are starting to feel pressure. If you have experienced an increase of headaches, stomachaches, anger and irritability, then you are most likely experiencing stress. “I feel like there is a lot of pressure to do stuff with guys and fitting in,” says Jalayah, a sophomore, “It’s affecting me…

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Mockingjay Takes over Arrowhead

Mockingjay, the third movie adapted from The Hunger Games book trilogy, came out on November 21st, 2014. According to BoxOfficeMojo, the movie received a domestic total of $228,316,339 as of December 1, 2014. Many Arrowhead students saw the new movie the weekend it came out to theaters such as Delfield Hillside. “It came out on a Friday, but I couldn’t…

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