Where to Find Business Analyst Jobs in Canada

Business analyst jobs are readily available in Canada. But there are better ways to find these positions rather than endlessly refreshing company career pages.

Instead, check out these sites to find, apply, and land legitimate business analyst jobs in Canada.

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1. Canada Indeed: Consistently Updated

Indeed is an online portal, depicting employment opportunities from all over the country. When searching for business analyst jobs in Canada, the URL will switch to ca.indeed and provide access to search jobs by city or province. The more narrow your focus (city), the better the response.

You don’t have to dedicate hours to searching. Uploading a fresh, updated resume allows for recruiters to find you first. Recruiters may not reach out consistently since it depends on the company, the recruiter, and the type of business analyst job. But you’ve nothing to lose by using it.

2. Job Bank: Canadian Government Approved

The Job Bank is a career page by the Government of Canada providing an electronic list of jobs from all over the country. It’s not as frequently updated as other job sites, like Indeed, but the Job Bank can provide links to job ads other sites haven’t posted.

You can set up job alerts, create a profile to match jobs with your particular expertise, or you can check back periodically.

3. Kijiji: The Canadian Classifieds

Kijiji is a Canadian-only classified page for buying, selling, and trading of items. It has expanded, and now Kijiji’s offerings can be broken down into eight umbrella categories. But Buy and Sell; Real Estate; and Jobs tend to be most popular.

Kijiji is built by the people and for the people, similar to craigslist. Meaning, when searching or applying for business analyst jobs through their Job tag, you must be diligent and research before sending personalized information.

With that said, Kijiji helps many find stable careers. You can post an ad searching for a position or reply to ads readily available.

4. LinkedIn: A Recruiter’s Paradise

We all know LinkedIn, the site to foster professional relationships through online networking. As a business analyst, it’s crucial that you have an updated LinkedIn page dedicated to your past positions, accomplishments, and a short bio explaining what your strengths are.

LinkedIn will send you a weekly email connecting you to jobs you can apply to on the site. While this is handy, it’s arguably more important to connect with others employed by companies you want to work with.

LinkedIn has a flood of recruiters who search profiles based on keywords (such as business analyst; analysis; business management) for corporations. With a clear photo, an easy to read biography, and experience highlighting your successes, chances are someone will message you about a position as a business analyst.

And there you have it!

Business analyst jobs are everywhere in Canada. You’ll find regularly updated careers on the Canadian Indeed page, and a more thorough collection of career opportunities from the Job Bank.

In the meantime, you can also check the Canada-only classified ad web page, Kijiji, and see if anything stands out. Remember to do your research as individuals can post ads there too.

And there’s always LinkedIn. Competition is high — hundreds of applicants apply to jobs on LinkedIn from all over the country. To cut through the noise, focus on connecting with individuals who may need your expertise. And keep your profile updated, so recruiters will land on the page and send you exclusive job invites.

Image: xtock/Shutterstock.com