Where to Get Online Business Analyst Training and Certifications

The internet is a fantastic resource for finding a wide range of things; it’s the first place many of us look to solve a problem or learn a new skill. If you’re an aspiring business analyst, then you may be wondering if you can find business analysis training, or even business analyst certifications, online. In this article, we’ll be talking about where (if at all) you can find business analyst training and certifications on the web.

Where to Find Online Business Analyst Training

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If you want to tune up your business analysis skills, there are a few places online where you can find free (or at least inexpensive) training materials. Here are some of our favorites:


Smart-BA.com is another good business analysis training site. This website not only includes articles, but also powerpoint presentations, stories, and more — all for free! They also provide tips for improving your CV, as well as business analyst job listings. You can find their website here.


Should you be willing to shell out some cash on improving your business analysis abilities, you can always visit BusinessAnalysisExperts.com to browse their range of eCourses, eBooks, and coaching platforms. Just start on their homepage and you should find what you need without too much trouble.


Coursera is a well-known name for providing learning resources about almost anything, including business analysis. Courses on this platform are normally paid, unless you decide to apply for financial aid. If you’d like to find business analysis courses on Coursera, you can start with searching their website, or if you prefer, see this third party hand-curated list of useful courses for business analysts.


If you’re looking for a more approachable way to train your business analysis skills, definitely check out BA-EXPERTS. This group uses Youtube as their platform of choice to share their business analysis advice in video form. What’s most impressive, they consistently post about a range of different topics. You can find the BA-EXPERTS Youtube channel here.

PESTLEAnalysis.com (Our Own)

Here on PESTLEAnalysis.com, we don’t have any strict training courses or lessons for business analysis, but we do have a number of articles about the topic that will definitely help you improve your skills. Simply searching our site for ‘business analysis’ will turn up plenty of great material.

Where to Get Business Analyst Certifications Online

Another common question is “Where can I find business analyst certifications online?” While you can get business analyst certifications online, they are hardly recognized by most organizations. To add to this, they often cost a hefty chunk of money; as a result, we’ve decided not to provide you with business analysis certification options in this article.

One exception to what we’ve just said is this: courses on Coursera are sometimes created by well-regarded universities, so receiving a certificate for completing the course may help to show your abilities as a business analyst.


In summary, there are plenty of resources online for training your business analysis skills, and while there may also be some for obtaining certifications, they are rarely worth it. From Smart-BA.com to our own website, getting business analyst training has never been easier than in today’s world.

Know of any other resources for getting business analysis training or more valuable certifications? Be sure to let us know all about it in the comments section below, along with all your other questions and remarks.

Image: Tashatuvango/Shutterstock.com