How Business Analysis Training Will Make You a Better Analyst

In this article, I will discuss the importance of Business Analysis Training for business analysts. Before I venture into more details about how the simple training can boost your career, let’s talk about the business analysis process briefly.

It is essential for businesses to set themselves apart from competitors. This is especially important to survive during tough economic times. This is why I deem innovation as a crucial part of business success. Business Analysis helps bring in innovation. Anyone involved in the business world must’ve heard of the term before.

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Business analysis and innovation require two things: strategic vision and to create conditions which can be attained by making internal changes and advances. You will learn later in this article that business analysis training helps the process immensely.

The first step for business analysis is to gather a basic understanding of the business. You will then move toward the final design, deployment and validation of the solution. There are eight basic steps in the business analysis process. They are:

  • Comprehending the business
  • Competitor and market analysis
  • Defining scope and objectives
  • Requirements gathering
  • Analysis of the requirements and documentation
  • Communicating requirements
  • Designing the solution
  • Applying and testing the Solution
  • After you understand all these steps properly, you can become a business analyst. Note that the business analysis training is not a mandatory course in the career path for business analysts. You can skip the training if you wish.

    However, business analysis training can advance your career immensely. It is a very small course. You will be given a certificate upon completion. Most importantly, the training positions you in such a way that you will get more success.

    There are many benefits of business analysis training. Some of them are:

    • You can learn various skills related to your job
    • It will boost your self-confidence
    • Apart from the theories, you will also learn about the application of your knowledge. This is done via workshops and real-life scenarios

    Let’s discuss these points elaborately now. This business analysis training will help you identify problems and opportunities easily. It will give you better insight about the workplace, employees and customers. You will be able to organize business goals easily. You will also be able to identify the objectives.

    Like I mentioned earlier, the business analysis training will enhance your confidence to find solutions and instigate positive changes. Most companies fail because they hesitate to implement new standards and processes. Business analysis training will train you to read and use the business documents. You will gather practical knowledge from the course and apply them in your firm.

    The training courses are not only focused on textbooks. They entail application of your knowledge in different ways. You can apply your knowledge from the business analysis training in multiple situations.

    In later stage of the training, you will have a mentor who will assist you to become a full-fledged business analyst. Remember that the mentor must be someone with extensive experience in the field.

    You can take the course at an actual school. Those who are concerned about time and other issues can also enroll for these classes online. Training the course now is a good idea because the job market has very few qualified applicants for these positions at present. With time, more companies are realizing the importance of hiring business analysts.

    If you are worried about the cost, there are several free courses online which will help you become a trained business analyst. For those who are only starting a career as a business analyst, I have made a list of courses and training materials. These will help you begin.

  • Smart BA
  • This site offers a wide range of business analysis training resources. The course modules include:

    • Functional analysis
    • Process modelling
    • Data modelling
  • Bridging the Gap
  • In this website, Laura Bradenburg offers 8 free e-mail lessons for new business analysts. The course material focuses on the following topics:

    • Role of business analyst
    • Skills and certifications they may want
    • Useful materials business analysts need to get their career started
  • Open CourseWare
  • This free business analysis training course called the Fundamentals of Business Analysis is offered by University of California. It falls under the Business and Management section. The beginners and experts can get an overview of the business analysis topics. The topics vary as follows:

    • Requirements of business analysis
    • Modelling
    • Quality management and testing.
  • Business Analysis Experts
  • You can get the business analysis training in the form KnowledgeKnuggets from this website. KnowledgeKnuggets are 5 to 9 minutes long videos. Each video discussed one BA topic. You can choose from 44 Knuggets. The following topics are included:

    • Overview of business analysis
    • Business analysis techniques.
  • Business Analyst Mentor
  • The course in this site is called “The Insider’s Guide to Core Techniques for Successful Business Analysis.” The core focus of this one is:

    • To give a summary of best BA practices
    • To use case modelling
    • Prototyping
  • The Professional Training Academy
  • This course is titled “The Art of Defining Complex Problems.” The course is all about how you can define a complex problem. It also helps to avoid solving the wrong problem. The course covers use of the following techniques:

    • Journey Mapping
    • Observation
    • Interviews

    It also has course materials, tests and interactive videos. You can register for the paid Business Analysis Certificate course if you like the free version.

  • The Enfocus Solutions
  • This is a YouTube channel which provides business analysis training for free. The course is quite short but it is engaging. Topics include:

    • Requirements engineering
    • Process improvement

    You can choose any of these courses. Other sources you can try for business analysis training are Coursera and edX.