How to Push Sales Within your E-Cig Shop

E-cigarettes are a phenomenon that seem to be here to last. After all, we finally have a method to help us quit smoking that involves all the same rituals we associate with physically smoking a cigarette, the same of which can’t be said for nicotine patches or gum! A lot of E-cigarette/vaping stores have flooded the market since this hype started, and it’s understandable to see why, but if you’re one of those who has their own store you might be asking yourself ‘how can I stand out from the crowd?’

We are experienced sellers of vapour kits Vapourmate Liverpool, and want to share with you some of our helpful tips for making it as a successful vaping business so you too can make the most out of your e-cig shop.

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Consistent Marketing
Marketing is not simply something you can do in the beginning of your business and then expect to be able to fall back on your laurels having established a ‘base’. Marketing is something that must be done week-in week-out to maximise its effect. If you have any new products you absolutely must make sure you get the word out to fulfil the product’s potential sell!

Keep it Personal
Nobody is the same, not one single person. Would you agree with this statement? If so, then why do you attempt to adopt the same marketing strategy for all your customers? One size does most certainly not fit everyone. While you obviously cannot tailor campaigns to individuals, pay attention to what key demographics buy your products and then create campaigns specific to those demographics – you’ll be surprised at the difference this makes.

Design is Key
The way your store is laid out is fundamental to driving sales within it. Supermarket psychology dictates arranging products in a certain way so that whatever you want to push will be directly within the customers eyeline as they walk in. Bricks and mortar stores also rely heavily on their location, so if you haven’t yet moved in before to put a lot of thought into exactly where you are situated.

Create Loyalty Programmes
While you should always be looking to grow your customer base with new customers, also pay special attention to your existing customers or you may find that they will take themselves elsewhere when another store offers cheaper alternatives. Loyalty cards are a great way to nurture your customers into returning again and again to your store and can also encourage them to find a little more to fit that quota to get something for free.

Ensure Your Staff are Passionate
When it comes to hiring new staff, what kind of methodology do you use to seek potential employees out? Could these people be right under your nose the entire time? Often you will find that the people most passionate about your products are those that use them, so would it not be best practice to employ those who already have a great working knowledge of your store and its products already?

If your workforce is passionate about what they do then you will see a massive uplift in sales – we all know you’re more likely to buy from someone who clearly knows what they’re talking about.

Run your own vape store and think there’s something we missed out? Comment below and tell us what you think is key to driving sales in the e-cigarette market!