Coffee Shop

Here at school, we have our own coffee shop! You can go to the coffee shop from anytime before school through 9th hour. Everyone who may work at the coffee shop are trained to make you coffee! All the kids who work in the coffee shop want to be there, because they get 1 business credit. “It gets you out of study hall!”, Ian, a student working at the coffee shop, said. Stone creek coffee, which is just a coffee shop in the Delafield area, is where the coffee shop get there supplies.

But you can also get other things now too! Such as, blended iced drinks. And fresh farm produce. Squash is available right now! You can always buy a coffee mug of your own from them! And every time you use the mug you bought, you get $.50 off the coffee you may get. With the money they make, the put it towards getting new supplies for the shop, but that’s not all. The coffee shop crew sometimes gives some money to charity and other clubs at arrowhead that might need some help.

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So things don’t get too crazy for the coffee shop crew, only 10 students at a time are allowed in. You can expect that when you go to the coffee shop to see good mannered people, and hard working kids, along with people enjoying themselves drinking coffee. You can just go over to the coffee shop to enjoy yourself. The point of the coffee shop was that it would be a place for kids to either enjoy themselves or to provide experienced learning. “It created a spot and place where kids are able to take an ownership role” Mrs. Henchal, the supervisor of the coffee shop, said.