Case Study Coffee

Coffee Case Study is a cozy cafe located in the downtown of Portland. You may ask, what is so special about it? There are hundreds of other cafes also located in Portland, and many of them deserve attention. However, the Coffee Case Study is still prominent among other establishments.

What Is the Concept of This Cafe?

Case Study CoffeeAll interior solutions here are thought through to the smallest details. There are no responding factors, such as loud music, bright paintings on the walls or fanciful details. Everything disposes to intellectual work. The sounds here are limited only to the vibration of the coffee machine and the soft hum of the conversations of people who came here to discuss their projects.

At the same time, there is a lot of free space. This allows each visitor to choose a cozy corner and tune into the working mood.The interior here is a bit like the audience of the University. The menu is written with chalk on a blackboard, which exactly copies the school one. Even the chandeliers are made in the form of a grid of atoms.

Visitors are sitting here at real desks, and the bar is made in the form of a professor’s cathedra. One of the most interesting attributes is the coffee machine. It is unlike the ones you can see in other cafeterias and resembles a typewriter that was used many years ago before the appearance of computers. A unique combination of a strict interior, intellectual atmosphere, a favorite drink, and the opportunity to work in a relaxed environment makes this cafeteria a favorite place of creative people, scientists, researchers, and inventors. Even if someone came here in a troublesome mood, he would be able to rest and gain strength for new achievements.

People of many professions come here to feel a special atmosphere, listen to conversations, and draw inspiration. It is a space for work and rest, and every visitor will be able to find something amazing and special here.