Case Study Starbucks Coffee to Go to Mobile Commerce

Cutbacks coffee to go to mobile commerce Mobile commerce is pushed constantly. In this case, Cutbacks started a new attempt that encouraged on-site customers to text to receive offers for discounts and drink upgrades, then customers may pay the bills smoothly by AD Barbados were scanned. Moreover, It also explored In other fields such as how to build loyalty, traffic, and mobile edge through mobile commerce. 1 . Why do businesses need Information technology? What are the advantages and sedateness you see within the organization?

Because of the implement of mobile commerce, Cutbacks could build the loyalty of existing customers and attract more new customers through give them more accurate promotion information.

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Cutbacks can get more profits through this ploy. The advantage of mobile commerce is that it could build the loyalty of existing customers and attract more new customers, so that it can get more profits. Some critics thought the effort fell short, they blamed the shortcoming on Cutbacks’ fear of customers uploading information might interfere with point of sale yester. 2.

How can an understanding of the overall organization’s strategic goals aid in planning? What are the potential problems? The strategic goal of Cutbacks is to increase its build customer loyalty and attract more new customers, so that it could get more profits.

Cutbacks discover that they should give more information to customers by mobile commerce, such as make new applications and new mode of payment by mobile. Mobile commerce still is a Incomplete business model, this app allow user to select favorite store locations and beverage preferences, but nothing customers can do with he Information. . As a manager, you need to analyze Information from a wide variety of sources. What Information do you need to make decisions? Where would you find It? The information I need to make decisions is the user experience with the app of stardust’s Ana ten consumption custom. I may Tina ten data Tanat are up oh customers by app.

4. What were your criteria for evaluating the information presented? Are the facts documented or assumed to be true? My criteria are whether the strategy derived by collecting data can help the company to increase the company’s earning.

In fact, this technology hasn’t proved that it can help Cutbacks increase its earning, at least the evidence did not appear in this article. 5. Is there an opportunity to take the organization in a new direction or make improvements to performance? Due to this technology had brought a great change to this company and even this industry, the performance they still need to make improvements is to perfect the user experience of Cutbacks app to create more convenience for customers, so that it could get more profits from its improvement.


How could you effectively use the information to give your firm a competitive advantage over the competition? In this case, Cutbacks used mobile commerce to build the loyalty of customers and attract more new customers. In fact, Cutbacks is the pioneer of the industry. The competitors haven’t make a move correspondingly. From analyzing the customers’ information uploaded by application, Cutbacks can improve customers’ experience, satisfaction, and loyalty. Thus, the mobile commerce gives Palpable a competitive advantage over the competition.