Managing the Expectations of an Instructor Audience

Managing the expectations of your audiences is instrumental in succeeding in your academic assignments. This demand is more challenging especially when you are writing to your instructors.

We know that most of your primary readers in college will be your professors. However, if you know what they expect from you, you do not have to worry since they occupy a molding role in your life. If you perceive them as developers as opposed to mean nitpickers, you will be in a better position to satisfy them without needing to kill yourself trying too hard to be perfect.

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In addition, understanding that your instructors are not police officers looking for lawbreakers will give you the much-needed calm to face your writing assignments. Read on to find out how best you can manage this audience.

Follow instructions

The first natural expectation in the minds of your instructors is their desire to see you follow all their instructions.

Even before looking at other aspects of your writing, they will want to see you handle all the other parts as per the instructions they gave you. Therefore, be sensitive enough to spot and understand anything you need to follow before proceeding with any assignment. If you do not understand any instruction, you should ask them because failure to do so will only attract a blanket rejection of your entire academic assignments.

Additionally, abiding by their guidelines will give them a clear glimpse of the kind of attitude you have towards authority and how you will conduct yourself in the market place.

Introduce your work with a sense of purpose, value, and organization

The next expectation you need to manage is the desire of your instructors to read an assignment that has a clear sense of purpose, value, and organization. When these busy instructors open your assignment, they expect to see a job that points them to a defined end so that they can get the need to devote their time to it. Additionally, you should make your opening paragraphs valuable so that they can get a clear glimpse of the value of your papers. Lastly, you need to supply them with introductions that show a clear sense of order and organization lest they will log out of your paper even before reaching halfway.

Show your mastery of the topic at hand

Since all the assignments your instructors give you are supposed to be assessment tools, you should know that they definitely expect you to demonstrate how well you are mastering the topic or subject you are covering. Therefore, you have to make efforts to prove to them that you are in tandem with every level of training they have invested in you. However, this expectation does not mean that you should attain instant perfection or kill yourself trying to attain it. On the contrary, it is supposed to keep you on your toes to make progress at every stage of the way.

Managing the expectations of your instructors should not drive you into a frenzy of seeking instant perfection. If you want to succeed in dealing with your professors as your primary readers, just stick to the little secrets we have share in this post.

Image “Books” by John Erlandsen is licensed under CC 2.0