2012 End of the wold or What?

i’ve been thinking and hearing alot of drama about the 2012 issue/the world ending, so i’ve done some research. The Mayans were a well civilized civilization during that time period.

They were one of the classical civilizations located in Mesoamerica.One of their many advances was their calendar. They had three calendars,the ritual calendar had 365 days, the tlzokin calendar had 260 days and the last calendar was world time. Obvouisly this calendar hasn’t ended yet.It is suppose to end on December 21st,2012.Before the spainards arrived to their civilization,they had dissappeared and historians as well as scientist still wonder why.So i guess i get why everyone mostly think that the world is going to end in 2012, i mean come on their calendar is even more better than our calendars used today.I believe this theory of the world ending but it’s your descion on whether or not you believe it’s true.

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