5 SWOT Analysis Software for Template Designs

SWOT analysis highlights strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It’s often used for businesses, processes, and industries. But it’s versatile and can be used for virtually any subject.

The point is to create a strategy to enhance the positives and reduce the impact of weaknesses and threats.

Doing your first SWOT analysis may leave you feeling overwhelmed. Which is why software exists. These are tools designed to get you started in the right direction.

You have choices: free software, inexpensive software, and software with a hefty price tag — for a reason.

Free Software & Tools

These tools provide a general framework to get you started with your SWOT analysis.

1. SWOT Analysis Generator

When you fill out this tool, it takes charge immediately. It provides you with a host of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to get you started. Its’ specialties are companies and products.

To use this generator, you choose company or product at the top. Then go through the categories and click which statements apply.

Once that’s complete, click “Create SWOT Analysis” at the top right. The generator creates the outline, where you can add comments and view deeper explanations.

If you have never heard of this type of analysis before now, this is the tool to guide you through the development process. It’s completely free too.

Inexpensive SWOT Analysis Software

These software choices come with a price tag — but it’s nothing more than a few dollars a month. For what they give, it can be very worth the pocket change.

2. Creately

When you’re tired of bland SWOT analysis diagrams, Creately is here to offer you creativity. It’s a simple product. But it allows the creation of colorful analysis diagrams filled with your own research. They provide you with their own templates, the ability to import photos and collaborate with a team (if applicable).

They provide tutorials and example SWOT analysis of other companies. This way, you can compare and contrast your analysis with others. No installation involved — Creately works in your browser.

It costs $5 a month.

3. Gliffy

This software allows the creation of diagrams. While not flashy, they still offer colors and the ability to import photos. This analysis can be shared and/or published easily on social media — great if you’re creating the analysis to showcase on your media profiles.

The price starts $5 a month. For the entire set of features, it’s $10 a month with a business plan.

4. SWOT Map

Specifically for iPhone and iPad, this program offers over 100 templates. You’ve no choice but to find the perfect one that works with your brand. It makes sharing your analysis easy — through email or on social media profiles like Facebook and Twitter.

It’s one of the cheaper options for analysis software: only 99 cents on iTunes.

Pricier SWOT Analysis Software

The price tag is big. But it provides various diagrams, multiple kinds of SWOT analysis, market analysis and key questions to consider.

5. SmartDraw

If you search for SWOT analysis software, you’ll mostly come across SmartDraw. It promises speed: the ability to create an analysis within minutes.

All you have to do is choose from the template options, add any additional content, and it’ll create a professional analysis for you. If you want diagrams, pie charts, additional analysis to review — SmartDraw has it.

It’s free to download and try. Purchased copies raise the price to $297.

In conclusion…

The above software provides templates and questions to ask yourself when conducting your own SWOT analysis. They offer a starting point to get you brainstorming. If you’re looking for guidance, we also have templates available. They’re ready when you are.

Image: baranq/Shutterstock.com