A Case Study of South Star Drug

South Star Drug has partnered with ‘arioso supermarkets in Metro Manila as well as in Bucolic to widen its market reach. Currently, South Star Drug has built partnership with SMS, Robinsons, Cherry aroma, Walters, LLC, Purebred, and South Supermarket.

South Star Drug has expanded its business by putting up stores in Southern Luzon, Northern Luzon and the islands of Indoor, Messmate and Viral. South Star sells fresh medicines and goods in remote communities. South Star Drug has as its motto, “Nonparticipating Tuna”: “Nonparticipating runny’ is our commitment to you.

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This is the purpose of our existence. At South Star Drug, we do more than Just sell products and services. We are dedicated to inspire, create value and support good health.

We serve and touch lives today with the hope of making a difference in your tomorrow. To be the drugstore of choice in service, trust, accessibility and responsibility. South Star Drug and more than 500 partners work as one system to make healthcare products accessible, with 2,400+ employees serving your healthcare needs. 30 stores in Central Luzon, Metro Manila, Southern Tagging, ‘locos Region, Eastern Visas ND the Bucolic region rendering service for 75 years. South Star Drug is Bucolic region’s largest store chain.They are also one of Metro Manila’s most preferred drugs stores, offering over thousand brands from food and pharmaceuticals to personal care products. South Star Drug was first started as a small business venture in 1937 in Nag City. It was established by a Chinese couple, aromas Dye and Magdalene Tang-Dye selling Chinese Herbal Medicines under the name Southern Drug.

In the late sass’s, it begun to offer Western medicine to Basilicas. Soon after, a new name was given to the growing enterprise.

Thus, New South Star Drug was born. The 1980 to ass saw the growth of the business and gradual realization of the company’s mission to make health care available to hard-to-reach communities. This resulted in the opening of more new stores. In 2000, the New South Star Drug was incorporated and the name was also changed to South Star Drug, Inc.

By the end of the decade, South Star Drug had opened over a hundred rotor stores in the Bucolic Region, Metro Manila, Southern Toggle and Central Luzon.

Mission: o be the drugstore of choice in Service, Trust, Accessibility and Responsibility. It was in 1937 when a young couple decided to engage in a small business venture in a coolant town, now known as Nag City. Coming from China, Thomas Dye Macaw and Magdalene Tang-Dye sold Chinese herbal medicines to Basilicas under the name Southern Drug.

After World War II, Southern Drug flourished. Life was difficult after the war, but customers eventually recognized them.

Owing to their integrity and quality service, patronage grew. Fast forward to 1972, the couple finally decided to infuse fresh blood into the business. They turned over the reigns of the enterprise to their children who were, by then, already familiar with the ins and outs of drugstore operations. In March 1, 1979, New South Star Drug opened its second store in Tobacco City in Albany.

Upon seeing the need for better health care delivery and service, New South Star Drug decided to take the bold step of expanding its operations to Metro Manila. A year later opening its second store, New South Star Drug opened its first Metro Manila drugstore in Gallstone, Manhandling City under the name Valise Drug. The sass to ass saw the growth of the business and the gradual realization of the company’s mission to make health care available to hard-to-reach communities. This resulted in the opening on new stores.

While the demand in Metro Manila Increased, New South Star Drug did not forget its Bifocals roots. It continued to safeguard Bucolic by opening a total of three (3) stores in the region while continuing to expand by five (5) more stores in Metro Manila. It was also during this period that South Star Drug included in its list of stores several firsts – the mall pharmacy and its iris 24-hour drugstore: September 1982, New South Star Drug opened its first 24- hour drugstore, and in November 1988, Metro Manila saw the opening of New South Star Drugs SMS City branch in Guenon City.

Robinsons Retail Group says the country’s drug store industry is up for consolidation as intense competition may cause bigger players to buy smaller operators. In its prospectus submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission, the company, which owns South Star Drug, said consolidation is imminent due to “intense” competition and “highly fragmented” drug store dusty. “This consolidation and continued new store openings by chain store operators will further increase competitive pressures in the industry,” the company said. The requirements for capital, brand strength and management expertise to operate a retail drug store chain serve as a barrier to entry [of] new participants,” the company said. The Koenig-controlled Robinsons bought the South Star Drug from the Dye family in 2012.

The drug chain controls less than 5 percent of the market, Inch is dominated by Mercury Drug. Watson Drug of the SMS Group is a far second.