A case study Raymond

Raymond, a 50 you pilot, was working a transatlantic flight when he noticed an uncommon stiffness and pain in his left leg. Upon rubbing the area he noticed it felt hot. He had played touch football the day before so he passed it off as soreness or a bruise. He also remembered that he had been stung by a bee during the match and that area was also red and swollen with a hard knot. As the flight progressed the pain became more and more intense and he noticed his foot swelling and there was reddish to his skin.

He also felt feverish as if he were coming down with the flu.

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At the end of the flight Raymond found he could only stand with difficulty and decided to see an emergency physician. Upon examination the following was charted: eddy temp: 100. 1 F No swelling of neck or lymph nodes No nausea or vomiting Previous episodes were discussed: It started about a year and half ago with slight swelling where I had broken my leg about 10 years ago and I thought it was pain from an old injury. The swelling would start at the point where I broke my leg then down to my ankle.

It would last about 3 Knees and go away as fast as it came.

The second time it happened was similar to the first time. The 3rd time my leg swelled and 3 weeks later it was not any better. My leg and foot swelled and I could not even wear shoes. The slightest movement or touch hurt No allergies to anything Amaranth, tenderness, swelling and redness of the lower left leg Varicose veins in the lower leg rhea following tests were performed: CB Gig levels An ultrasound of the leg rhea following drugs were administered: Ibuprofen Monoclinic by mouth Lovelorn (by injection)

Heat was applied rhea attending physician recommended that Raymond consult a homologies when en returned to the U 1 . What is your diagnosis of Raymond condition? 2. Why did he have a fever? 3.

Did the bee sting cause/exacerbate the problem? 4. What was the influence of the football injury? 5. What do Raymond varicose veins have to do with his condition, if anything? 6. Neat complications could have arisen if Raymond had not sought medical attention? 7. What life threatening condition could have ensued? 3.

Establish a treatment plan for Raymond .

List any drugs that will be prescribed? 10. List any particular dangers or interactions he should be aware of? 11. What are the possible complications that he might encounter? 12. How is the fact that he is an airplane pilot a factor? 13.

Why are regular blood draws needed? 14. Is this an acute or chronic condition? Raymond friend saw on television that taking a low-dose aspirin every day was useful in preventing heart attacks. He advised Raymond he should start a low-dose aspirin regimen. 15. List the problems with Raymond friend’s advice?