A Critical Role Fit GAP Analysis Plays in Business Success

We’ve looked at the process behind GAP analysis, including templates. This time, we’re looking into how fit GAP analysis helps identify existing problems in business, specifically in systems and processes.

If a system isn’t working in your firm, how do you go about fixing it? This is exactly where fit GAP analysis works.

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Let’s say employees are supposed to recommend an exclusive promotion when customers buy a product from you. And yet, the numbers show almost no one has actually signed up for the service. Which means this ‘process’ isn’t the best fit.

Several problems could be happening at once:

  • Employees aren’t telling customers about the sale
  • Customers are having difficulties signing up
  • The way employees explain the sale is confusing
  • Customers aren’t interested because lack of benefits

In actuality, it could be more issues than this. But you should note the many things which could be interfering in achieving the goal. Over time, and through data analysis, you’ll be able to narrow it down.

How to start a fit GAP analysis

There are three steps to starting your fit GAP analysis.

Step 1. First, you need to look at your expected results. Are you looking for a number of signups per month? Is there a certain profit margin you wish to hit because of this sales promotion? Are you just trying to garner interest about the sale? Write your goal thoroughly.

Step 2. Write down the current results you’re getting. This is the problem area but also where your current system is putting you. It’s not where you want to stay, but knowing where you’re starting from helps to move the process forward.

Step 3. Examine the possible problems (the bulleted list above) and examine what needs to change to resolve the problem. This is where noting all possible communication and technical difficulties come into play.

With these steps, you’ll be able to conduct a thorough fit GAP analysis to determine which processes are a better fit for your company goals.

The goal of fit GAP Analysis

What fit GAP analysis helps you do is acknowledge problems, see the gap between current and expected results, and adjust your process until you get what you want.

Then it’s about improving the problems through actionable steps, setting goals to see the effect, and maintaining the results with this new system change.

So what do you get out of a fit GAP analysis?

A system to help address current flaws in your business goals.

Anytime something feels off (or the data shows you a process isn’t working) fit GAP analysis helps you start looking for a better fit.

You’ll be able to…

  • Acknowledge current issues (lack of results)
  • The processes used that are providing these lackluster results
  • How to close the gap between those two points and
  • What results you want to see

To get an even better understanding, combine fit GAP analysis with the other types of GAP analysis for an overall better understanding of your current systems and skills.

Image: Sergey Nivens/Shutterstock.com