A Dangerous Trend Among Kids: ;The Cutting Challenge; on Social Media

Since the social media has come into existence, the use of cell phone gadgets is at their peak. Everyone has their smartphone in their hands and they are lurking towards the plenty of social media websites and applications such as Facebook, Tinder, Line, Vine, Yahoo, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Viber, and plenty of others alike. Anyhow, online media is one of the most influential activities in the modern world. People use it for plenty of reasons such as to interact with the people of the world that belongs to different cultures and ethnicities. Digital media users also share their photos and videos on these platforms and got comments, appreciations, and views by the fellow users. Everyone wants their huge fan following on the online media websites and on instant messaging apps. Therefore, posting images, photos and videos have become compulsory to stay alive on the social media platforms.

There are plenty of new trends has been emerged over the years in which young kids and teens do different kinds of challenges in order to prove themselves a worthy opponent and want to get appreciation from the fans and from the friends. This is actually a new kind of addiction that has become deadly and harmful to the young social media user. There are plenty of new trends and challenges have come up in the online world such as deadly Blue Whale Challenge, burn and scar challenge and last but not the least the cutting challenge on social media. Even the younger generation has prior knowledge of the harmful consequences, yet they are putting themselves in real danger and doing these nasty online media challenges. It is one of the most disturbing online media challenge for teens at the moment. The “cutting challenge,” it is been stated that in Washington state news, the online media is promoting in kids and teens to mutilate themselves and then show it to the online media world such as on Facebook, Instagram and others alike.

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What you think of the cutting challenge on the social media, is it a real one! Or it is just a fake rumor to scare the parents only and you think it is nasty as the challenge known as The Game of 72, in which teens would challenge each other to go missing for 72 hours without telling family and friends. Out of all the social media challenges, it is debatable which is the most worsen then all. On the other hand, it is yet to be discovered either they are really the nasty ones or just it is been spread on the online media only. According to some authentic information, there is a number of a teen who claims that it is really true that cutting challenge is really on the social media platforms. The social media experts also warn parents to guide their young kids and teens to avoid the cutting challenge and don’t cut their hands or their other body parts by using the razor and blades.

Why they do social Media challenges? Everyone has their social media accounts. So, teens and kids cut themselves for so many reasons such as to take pictures and make videos and then share it on the social media platforms to show off, to get appreciation, likes and comments by viewers. On another hand Jessika Philips of Bellingham, Washington, told the hurts Q13 FOX news station in Tacoma, I have done the challenge and cut myself that really bad. The act of self-harming and cutting has been one of the oldest phenomena over the years. So, in the modern world, online media is the larger source to express their challenges in the shape of cuts and scars.

These kinds of digital world trends and challenges sometimes put a social media challenger in real danger. These activities are not just because of online media trends, it also may occur due to so many personal reasons such as having the history of sexual, physical and verbal abuse, the psychologist Wendy Lader, stated on the site WebMD. “These crazy habits are due to a sensitivity of the nature of a person and self-harming is actually defending them against something going wrong in the family and in their lives. Failing in the particular aspect of life pulls them to do such activities such as self-harming. According to the expert’s views and reviews, the cutting challenge, is all about gaining hype and acceptance among other challengers and in other social media users. The online media provide such people an open platform to express their scars and cuts online proudly.

“We can say these challenges show the symbol of belonging to particular group and community. The person who does such kinds of cutting challenges is actually trying to prove that, he/she is to be a part of certain group or community. On another hand, a young girl named Jessica stated that taking part in cutting challenges is such as foolish trend which middle school young girls are doing. How can Parents prevent such a crazy challenge in teens? Parents just need to keep an eye on young kids and teens activities they perform in the digital world. Is it possible to know the activities of young kids and teens in online world? Yes, it is! They just need to keep an eye on their online presence by using the monitoring software for cell phones and windows.

These are the gadgets and the machines in which they use social media websites or platforms. The cell phone and PCs tracking app enable parents to view the each and every single activity done by the kids and teens along with the complete time stamp. Parents can view IM’s logs, chats conversations, video calls and shared media files such as photos and videos by using the spyware for phones and PCs. The user can also get the screenshots remotely of all the activities happen on the target device and also get access to the device gallery and can view all the captured photos and videos by using the multimedia files of the cell phone monitoring software. On another hand user can do live screen recording of a target device and come to know what really is going on the phone or PC screen remotely. Furthermore,a user can use keylogger.

It enables a user to get access to the entire device activities, it allows user to get all the keystrokes applied on the device; ultimately parents can get password keystrokes, messenger keystrokes, SMS keystrokes and email keystrokes. Having such type of access parents can examine all kinds of activities of a kids and teens and prevent them from all online dangers. Conclusion: The social media challenges are continuously spreading in kids and teens and they self-harm them to get people’s attention. Parents should prevent this kind crazy stuff such as cutting challenge by getting hands-on kids and teens online presence on social media platforms through monitoring tools. TheOneSpy is one of the finest mobile phone tracking software.

It allows parents to set parenting rules on kids and teens device and allow bosses to know what exactly employees are doing on company’s owned android devices.