A General, Uncivilized?

Uncivilization is seen in many different ways.

The General in “The Most Dangerous Game” isn’t expected to be uncivilized but ends up being so. He is uncivilized by his actions, speech, and other characters reactions. Generals can be uncivilized but why? Why is General Zaroff uncivilized you ask? The general is uncivilized for a few reasons. In the story “The Most Dangerous Game” it says this, ” ‘ But you can’t mean-” gasped Rainsford. ‘And why not?’ ‘I can’t believe you are serious, General Zaroff. This is grisly a joke.

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‘ ‘Why should I not be serious? I am speaking of hunting.’ ‘Hunting? Good God, General Zaroff, what you speak of is murder.’ ” (Connell 21)Zaroff explains to Rainsford how he hunted men because he was bored of hunting animals. Another example of how Zaroff is uncivilized by his actions is when Rainsford says, “‘But they are men,’ said Rainsford hotly. ‘Precisely,’ said the general. ‘That is why I use them.

It gives me pleasure. They can reason, after a fashion. So they are dangerous.’ ” (Connell 22) When Zaroff was talking to Rainsford he practically said he was uncivilized by what he said his actions were. Another way General Zaroff is uncivilized is by his speech. Zaroff and Rainsford have a couple conversations that show that Zaroff is an uncivilized man.

One of the conversations start with Zaroffsaying this,” ‘…I hunt the scum of the earth-sailors from tramp ships- lascars, blacks, Chinese, whites, mongrels- a thoroughbred horse or hound is worth more than a score of them.'” (Connell 21-22) Another conversation the two of the very different men have is when Zaroff tries to show he is civilized but Rainsford proves him wrong. ” ‘I have electricity.

We try to be civilized here.’ ‘Civilized? And you shoot down men?’ ” (Connell 22)Zaroff says that he tries to be civilized on his island in the middle of the ocean. However, he shoots men and hunts them when they come to his island. He played the game with them, the most dangerous game to be specific.The General is practically telling Rainsford he’s uncivilized.

Finally, a couple more examples on why I think General Zaroff is uncivilized. Other characters’ reactions show how he is uncivilized and how he is practically a monster in human form. Rainsford thinks this as he is hiding in a high tree from the man himself, “But, perhaps, the general was a devil-” (Connell 25) One last example that shows how other characters think of the general is when Rainsford thinks this to himself “The Cossack was the cat; he was the mouse.” (Connell 26)The general has other people in the story, like Rainsford and Ivan,thinking he is crazy, a monster, and uncivilized. General Zaroff is uncivilized as seen by his actions, speech, and other characters’ reactions. By Zaroff’s actions you can tell that he is very uncivilized, why would a so called “civilized man” go around murdering other men who come to his island.

Also seen in his speech you notice that the general is an uncivilized man. Rainsford has a complete conversation with Zaroff to show his uncivilization. Rainsford thinks to himself on how the general acts and thinks how devilish and barbaric he is. Uncivilization is all around, but killing men because you’re bored of hunting animals. You would never think of someone doing that.

I’m never going to a island in the middle of the ocean that seems mysterious. Who knows some crazy uncivilized hunter could live there.