Critical analysis on “A good man is hard to find”

There is always a time in someone’s life when all the decisions they make and how they treat others tend to catch up with them. The question is, is when will it catch up to them. For the story A Good Man is Hard to Find it definitely caught up to the main character sooner than planned. A Good Man is Hard to find is about a grandmother who goes on a family road trip with her son. She is known as a selfish, unthankful, arrogant old woman and lives a secret life.

Her family all wanted to go to Florida but she wanted to go to east Tennessee. She was talking to some of her friends and they were telling her how a psycho serial killer escaped from jail also known as the “Misfit”; of course the grandma couldn’t resist and headed to Tennessee instead of Florida to go see this “Misfit”. He the “Misfit” then comes runs them off the road with crazy driving. The grandma and everyone got out of the car and the killer ended up killing her entire family. The story, “A Good Man is Hard to Find”, features different action morals, hidden meanings, and anthropology to make connections with the readers.Furthermore, the story A Good Man is Hard to Find can be taken in as a life lesson.

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People live day by day thinking they are doing nothing wrong, and even when they do happen to come across doing wrong we still live our lives in denial. For the grandmothers situation she only confessed her flaws and what she is sorry for because it was in the matter of life and death. By reading this story it made me really think about how I shouldn’t act like I’m perfect or act like I’ve never done anything wrong. Everyone has and always will make mistakes, there is really no way around it. I personally recommend this short story A Good Man is Hard to Find to all age groups, because anyone can really make a connection to this story and really reevaluate their decisions they make in life.

Overall, it can really make someone think about how you as a person have been living and it can also change how you want to live your life for the future.