Short Story: A Good Man Is Hard to Find

This short story ‘a good man is hard to find’ has got a lot of consideration on how decent people’s relationships should coexist, with others in mind. The characters that are contained in this very work are given the best and equally average traits both human, and non human to draw out real life situations. This work is done with the creative inclusion of Bailey as the main character, the grandmother, the children, the baby and wife to Mr. Bailey.

There is also usage of a non human character in it and with considerable innovativeness portraying all that it has with all creatures in the land coexistence. The usage of humor facts, sorrowful situation, culture and religious faiths are made up to level the fiction flavor of this story. By effectively using different forms of appeals and canons, the author has successfully managed to convey the themes in the story. Also, she has managed to draw the reader into the story allowing them to identify with the characters in the narration.In this context, Bailey is measured to be a son and lives with the grandmother with an image about great dislike of visiting Florida.

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He is the only son with the grandmother, and she gets it hard convincing him to change his mind on visitation to Florida. He resorts not to change her mind. The grandmother at her old age and with utter innocence to the comparison to that of a cabbage is taken to the state of accepting a visitation to a different city all together. Bailey feels Florida is a usual place and to break boredom decides to do a visit to the city of Tennesse as feel of change. The grandmother drugs her mental capacity into the site and manages to convince the children against the Misfit visits. Bailey from the word go, is a man of strict, conservative nature and in this occasion is not at peace of having the cat travel with them or even get tender feel of its presence (p 2).

Finally, the travel is confirmed, and Bailey gets to car wheels to spearhead the journey with the stature of a bold man. The grandmother and the children get their seat back as the wife, and the baby are composed in the front seat besides the man, Mr. Bailey. They set the journey for the long travel on and with the great cunningness of the grandmother. She writes the starting of covering the mileage so as to have a story later of how much they would have covered. The grandmother in this moment same to all her day dresses well so that she gives an image of what a magnificent woman should be even at her death.

The man Mr. Bailey with absolute obedience heeds to the clear instruction given to him by the grandmother. They state that, he as the driver is not at any time given a chance to drive at a speed of more than fifty five miles per hour and he vows to keep this rule so as not to suffer in the hands of traffic patrol men who hide behind road billboards strategically so as to chase defaulters to this.The case of this grandmother is not unique from the common ones known, and she puts her niche into practice. Through the travel, she engages all those in the car in a sweat chat where she takes the lead role. Her illustrious ideologies in the tales are to convince the young ones, and other listening to hr at appreciates nature, and portraying a decent perception of its image.

John Wesley one of the sons has treasured memories of Georgia which is a contrary to the old woman’s belief. She now gets into deep discussion with the children on how they should respect nature as it a thing that pertains to their daily life, and in the end affects them in all ways. As they pass a different race, she tells them that Negros like them also need a dependable consideration same as those given to their own blood. More of Negros photos are taken to bring the thing that they are as well beautiful. More comic books are given out by the grandmother and at a point pose the tender feel of a mother as she offers to give a hand in holding the baby. That is what charity defines and she does not picture it as a favor.

The grandmother with all the concern for the environment does not allow anyone to throw food garbage through the car window as the travel continues. Remember she is the one who has given it all out to those with her. The two boys, John Wesley and June Star get into a confrontation over a mind game, and the same grandmother is there to give a solution. This is where a story within a story comes in as she goes ahead to give them an adventurous tale. The author seems to be more involved in the story. This can be noticed from her point of view, whereby she seems to be acquainted to the misfits, and may have had a personal experience of the storyline.

All this time of the travel Bailey the only adult man in the car is in a cam and quite mood, unlike the grandmother. He gets all that is said and done in the car as he drives on but does pick any humor from them even as he plays respectable music. She is the one who tries to feel the concepts and tenderness of music to them with no parting ways with the pet cat. Bailey the man is very much focused with his duty and at no time is he willing to put the car to a halt despite the struggle from the grandmother, and the kids when they see an old house with vast attraction. They try verbal persuasion on him, but he could not be swayed from his stand until on kid engages kicks on his seat, which forces him to stop and heed to their pleas.

The old lady see’s visit to the house as educational and that are what totally convinces the man, and he gives caution that no one is to get into the house. This gives the aspect of a caring dad as they do not know who lives in there.During any travel, none is immune to getting accident putting in mind that God is the determinant to all our daily lives. Fate has it, and at this time after the short stop, they, unfortunately, got themselves into an accident. No fatal injuries were experienced, as God had it making Bailey coming out first from the wreckage threw the cat which has curled in his neck through the window to a pine tree.

With great aspect of being responsible, he gets to where the mother and baby were in their rescue. Children will always be children and here the two gets into a jovial mood at the face of the accident with furthermore get worried that no one had died of it. The grandmother gets deceitful and hides the fact that the house was in Tennesse. Mistakenly a car passes by and the caring thing in the grandmother ccalls for her to alert it which tries to disappear in their eyes but eventual comes. This is at the point the grandmother is at the realization that they were the Misfits, and she cries before them, redden eye, for mercy.She put up her fair convincing powers together and tries to convince them with her sweet words.

They fall on the deaf ears of the misfits. The Misfits in their cruelty tell the grandmother that it is only their own parents, who were perfect and better than anybody else at hold of their guns. It is evidently seen that the Misfits are not human; despite them getting to an accident site and having casualties they were not hesitant in helping them (P 15). Three Misfits try and harass the accident casualties despite trials by Bailey of raising concern of their pain. A full disclosure of the Misfits by one of them was portraying the worst qualities of inhumanity. He puts out that they never even at a single point get into prayers, cruel to civilians, cannot settle in marriages and will always dare not to help in whatever situation.

The casualties get terrified at all these hearings. These Misfits try to convince them that no one was meant to be like them but being sent to Penitentiary and that what was made to them. They even boldly acknowledge that they are not telling people.The Misfits have a strong faith that being in the Penitentiary has nothing to do with the inborn traits. He tells the old lady that he was alleged to have killed his father, and taken into custody without even having a look at his criminal claimed papers.

He knows that his dad had died of an epidemic flu rather what the head of the Penitentiary had claimed, and he sees him as even worse than himself, the Misfit. The grandmother levels some prayer ideas but he is also against them. Death threats are then forcefully imposed into them when he gets the shirt to Mr. Bailey back from the bush full of shots of blood, and puts it to a level of the old lady losing her voice. The prayers by grandmother to Jesus to save the situation is strongly rebuked, with the misfit saying that God could not save clean circumstances the he is of no help even to them.

He takes all of them, the accident victims, to bush and following gunshots are heard all over. Finally, he says that there is no satisfying pleasure in life no matter what we try to do within our reach (p 25).When we compare all the characters in this play, most of them uphold the spirit we can never be acceptable in life as the title to the story best ascertains. The grandmother and the baby are the only ones imaging to contain rift away traits from the rest since she poses some formidable sense of humanity. Bailey even mistreated the cat at the face of the face of the accident, and before the travelling with in mind that he had position heart to allow other people opinions to reign at their enjoyment. The mother to the child was all over the story, but she cannot, at even a single time be, seen to be giving solutions to controversies born in their travel.

All she had was a silence despite the situation until things got out of place with the Misfit and his team. The patrol police are even not good at all as they deliberately hide so as to chase after traffic defaulters.