A Horrible Atrocity: The Jonestown Massacre

Over one thousand people died at Jonestown from James Warren Jones’ deadly concoction of Kool-Aid, Cyanide, Sedatives, and Tranquilizers. Jonestown is located in Northwest Guyana near Kaituma.

James Warren Jones was the mastermind behind the Jonestown Massacre, and 1,000’s of people died under his control. This was truly a dreadful atrocity. Even though Jonestown was a hideous atrocity, everything happens for a reason. James Warren Jones was the person behind Jonestown. Jonestown (officially named “The Peoples Temple”) was founded by James Warren Jones, a Caucasian male, in 1955.

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Jones used his magic and charm to lure thousands of people to meet and stand up. November of 1978 – Leo Ryan (a congress man from California) went to Jonestown to do a survey and when he got there, he was shot down by Jonestown Guards along the perimeter. This evidence shows how strong Jones was to make people not find out about Jonestown. Besides Leo Ryan being shot down, a lot of people died at Jonestown. Over 1,000 people died at Jonestown.

The people fed a poison laced drink to the children, injected it into their infants, and then drank the poison themselves. This shows how desperate People were to die under the control if Jones. The laced drink was a concoction of a purple Kool-Aid© mixed with cyanide, tranquilizers, and sedatives. Jones eventually shot himself in the head with a gun. Jones was desperate to kill everyone, including himself.

Even if you go back in time, you can’t stop everything from happening so everything happens for a reason. Jones killed every single person at Jonestown, including himself. If you go back it time and tried to stop Jones from killing everyone, you might get medical attention, but you can never stop someone from killing his or herself. This explains that you can’t stop everything from happening. We still don’t know what went through James’ head when he thought he should kill everyone, even himself.

The world learned that no matter what happens, everything happens for a reason Jonestown was a horrible historical atrocity and nothing can change that. James Warren Jones was the genius behind Jonestown, leaving 1,000’s dead from his deathly concoction of Kool-Aid mixed with cyanide, tranquilizers and sedatives. If people never heard of Jonestown, Jones might have controlled people into going with him and he might have killed the whole population of Guyana. That is why I believe Jonestown was something that people should remember.