A Jews Worst Nightmare

Statistics indicate that six million Jew’s died during the Holocaust. I am going to tell you about Adolf Hitler, the leader and starter of the Holocaust. Then I will tell you about the cause of the Holocaust. Then I suppose you should know some basic facts about the contraction camps, like the first contraction camp, and some punishments there.

While conducting research over the Holocaust I have found out a lot of interesting facts.Adolf Hitler was a racist man because he believed he was a master race and everyone else other than his kind like Jews were “inferior”.His religion did not go against hating other people. People think that Hitler’s religion was Atheism, Humanism, or some ancient mythology. Hitler believed that his kind was a master race.

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Hitler was chancellor of Germany and wanted to take over the world.In order to do that he had to have a perfect race this meant no Jew’s, Gypises, or a few others. Hitler was a dictator and he was chancellor of Germany so no one could really stop him.Hitler’s idea of a perfect race was blonde hair, blue eyes, and being tall. This was Hitler’s “perfect”.The Holocaust started on January 30, 1933 when Hitler became chancellor of Germany which meant he was the leader or in charge of everything.

Even before the Holocaust started Jewish people had to flee Germany due to discrimination and anti- Semitism. The Nazi’s believed the Germans were a master race, who was superior to others. The “inferior” people were seen a threat to purity and German nation. Because of others believes that there should be only one race, the racism only became worse and therefore the Holocaust was beginning. While the Holocaust was going on many Jewish people left the country, according to scientific estimates 180,000 German Jews left Germany during the Holocaust.

They did this to avoid dying in a concentration camp. Many Jew’s went into hiding to avoid getting captured and sent to a camp. For example the Franks hid for twenty five months before getting captured.This leads me to talk about how you were sent to a camp and what happened while you were at the camps. The first concentration camp was “Dachau” and it was established and opened on March 22, 1933. The Nazi army would capture Jewish people and send them to the camps.

To get to the camps they would load you up into a cattle car on a train cramped with hundreds of people in one. While in the cattle car with hundreds of people in there you could hardly breathe. When the Jew’s got to the camps the Nazi’s stripped their clothes and shaved their heads bald. They tattooed their number onto their arm or hand. There was absolutely NO escaping the camps.

There were huge electric fences and guards with loaded machine guns everywhere. Most people got so miserable they purposely ran into the electric fences and died. The punishments at the camps were far worse and disturbing. Some punishments there were gas chambers were you were locked in a building and they sprayed poisonous gas everywhere and it wasn’t long before you were on the floor dead, and there was no surviving the gas chambers. Another punishment at the camps was mass shootings.

The prisoners were lined up on a wall to get shot or they had to dig their own graves. The Nazi’s mostly made the parents work but showed absolutely NO mercy for the children. Most of the time the children were gassed or shot but many died from illnesses as well. Here is a quote from The Diary of Anne Frank by an inmate that told Mr. Schnabel, “crematories smoked, but we received our rations and had roll calls.

The SS harassed us at roll call and kept guard with machine guns from watchtowers, and the camp fences were charged high-tension electricity. If you could forget the gas chambers you could live.” Not that many people survived the concentration camps because the Nazi’s were trying to wipe out all of the Jew’s or the “inferior”.1.2 million Jewish children died during the Holocaust.

Many died from the gas chambers, mass shootings, or illnesses. For example nine months after Anne Frank got arrested and sent to a concentration camp she died from a disease called Typhus. Typhus is a disease spread by infected insects such as fleas or other parasites. The Holocaust ended May 8, 1945. Adolf Hitler killed himself on April 30th, 1945 just days before Germany’s unconditional surrender. Hitler killed himself because he was not going to risk getting captured by the enemies.

According to historical documents Hitler shot himself. Although there was a dispute over whether Hitler shot himself, took cyanide, or both. Many people say he did both. According to scientific estimates 350,000 survived the Holocaust. There are about eighty – four million Jews today in the world.