A Life of Nourishment

The leading factors that cause death as indicated in the book in table1-1, some of them are directly linked to nutrition, accidents by vehicles and others, and also alcohol drinking. Nutrition is the process of consuming and making use of the food.

The body breaks down the food into small particles by the process known as catabolism. The digested food is used to in production of new cells and also repairing injured tissues and cells in the process of anabolism. Nutrition is important to a body for instance after fertilization of a sperm to maturity of the spring (Behrman, 2006). Many people suffer some mental illnesses during their life. The illnesses that affect the mental functionality include; depression, stress memory problems, mood swings, panic attacks and seasonal affective disorder. The physical health is also affected in many ways.

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The most common ones include; obesity, high blood pressure, anemia, kwashiorkor, beriberi and even cancer (Nordqvist, 2002). The body needs all the six classes of nutrients for proper functionality. The most crucial nutrient is water which is the basic requirement in the body functioning. Lack of water in the body may lead to dehydration and even death. Other functions include; temperature maintenance, transport, lubrication and chemical reactions.

Carbohydrates help in sourcing energy, buildin block for nutrients and excess stored as fats. It is made of carbon and hydroxide molecules. Fats and lipids are essential in energy storage, heat source and insulation, and in cushioning. Protein is important in the body in many ways like, it is the source of amino acid, basic structural unit, needed in metabolism antibody, hormone and DNA production (Nordqvist, 2002). There are two classes of minerals namely major minerals like Ca, Na, Mg and S, and minor mineral like Co, Cu, Zn, Se and others. They are used in skeleton, oxygen transport, protein synthesis, fluid plus acid-base balance in enzyme and body reactions.

If they are excess they can cause sickness and if they are deficient. Vitamins are of two classes namely water-soluble and fat-soluble. They help in many functions like enzyme reactions, metabolism and others (Behrman, 2006).A nutritious diet has many characteristics that distinguish it from the innutritious diet. It must be sufficient enough for each type of food, balanced not excess of any type of food, balanced calories, moderation and comprise a variety of foods. If a food does not have those characteristics, it cannot be classified in the nutritious diet list (Weinsier et al.

2004). The information together with the guidelines about health eating comes from a variety of sources. Some of the information is obtained from the press through their programs of encouraging health eating. They talk of the illnesses and the risks involved in either eating too much of some foods or eating a little or not at all. With the development of the internet technology, the internet has provided sufficient information about nutrition.

If a person wants to get any information about nutrition, the info can be availed immediately by using the search engines like goggle and yahoo search. The information about nutrition is also made available through the school curriculum. In many levels of learning the topic is brought about to help people practice health living (Weinsier et al. 2004).The primary sources of the info about nutrition can be availed by the health practitioners. These experts do their investigations and publish the findings for the public to see.

The behaviors of people are determined with the type of friends and the financial status. Rich people are found of eating some specific type of food. The people’s eating habits can change depending on the information they get about health eating habits. The chief motivator that makes people to change their eating habits is the people’s testimonies. If a person sees the problems of a person infected with cancer, he cannot wish to be on his shoes. He then avoids the causers as much as possible.

Even though, the addicts such as of alcohol find it hard to stop (Weinsier et al. 2004).