A Report on Investment Pattern

Analysis of investment pattern of High Networth Real Estate developers in Kolkata Submitted to: Birla Sunlife AMC 1 The project in its present form and state would not have been possible had it not been for the able guidance and support of Mr.

Gautam Deo whom I always looked up to, when faced with any difficulty and have disturbed him at all times and hours. I would also like to thank our trainer Mr. Himanshu Redhu who provided me with all the skills and training required to do our project.

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I am also thankful to Mr. Ayan Banerjee, who provided me with references required for collection of data.

No research would be successful, without the active involvement of the respondents and we take this opportunity to thank our various respondents for having patiently filled our response sheet. The Mutual Funds started in India in 1963 with the formation of Unit Trust of India, at initiative of the Government of India and Reserve Bank of India. Since then it has grown into a size of more than 7 lakhs Crore.

From a tax saving option to its classification with a wealth creation opportunity, the Mutual Fund industry has come a long way to being a . The study focuses on the factors that motivate a High Net Worth individual to invest in a Mutual Fund.

The groups are covered in the premium segment namely: Real Estate High Net worth Individuals. Data was collected through in-depth interviews, and survey methodology apart from spreadsheet analysis, Factor Analysis, Conjoint was also done to reach at the results. The Qualitative Analysis revealed that High Net worth individuals are very conscious and careful buyers.

For them the most important features are the Returns and are very particular about its Performance of the fund as well. They view it as a strong growth opportunity and an additional source of income that can add to their core business.

Also, people these days lay a lot of stress on the additional things like brand value and the serviceability that is being offered.. The qualitative findings are substantiated by the quantitative findings that the attribute Returns and Liquidity of the money invested has been the most important attribute while selecting a Mutual fund.

Also Brand and Transparency have been important for various groups of people. When it comes to the amount that people are willing to invest on a Mutual Fund they also consider the Time Horizon and Safety factor very much important for their investment.

This observation shows that when the people are looking for a Mutual Fund as it is not just a tax saving instrument for them but more than that. It shows that they believe it is a way to achieve their financial goals and secure a regular source of income for future.

HNIs make a more informed investment even though all the brands may not be available at the point of purchase. ? Purpose of purchase We need to find out what is the prime objective behind investing in a mutual fund. Many times a person may be investing in it considering returns both long term and short term otherwise he may just be concerned with preservation of principal.

? Consideration set A person will have a number of requirements, which an investment must fulfill. We need to study what all factors a person wants to fulfill while investing in a mutual fund.

The requirements will closely be related to the objective of purchase as discussed next. ? Meeting of expectations Based on the perception of a brand, each real estate HNIs will have certain expectations from the brand. We need to study what these expectations are and what 12 are the factors, which help in meeting those expectations. Here factors will range from returns and safety to after sale services.

? Management fees The management fees in the mutual fund segment can start from a few thousands to lacs. Hence it becomes important to understand the if management fees impact the investment behavior.