A Research Report on Marketing of Sports Goods Products

The Indian sports goods industry has expended to include the areas of Meerut (Uttar Pradesh) and Gurgaon (haryana). Most of India’s sports goods are exported to the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Germany, France and Australia. The industry is mainly concentrated in ‘Jalandher’ and ‘Meerut’. The sports goods industries in India has witnessed a phenomenal growth over the past five decades and now occupies a place of prominence in the economy in view of its massive potential for employment, growth and exports.

It is situated about 85 Kms.

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from Delhi. Sports manufacturing units are mainly concentrate in and around Meerut and Jalandher in India. INTERNATIONAL TRADE Mishra M. N. expressed his views about the history of foreign trade saying. ” India foreign trade had glorious past.

It enjoyed favorable. Balance of payments since long. But the British destroyed its importance by their policies and practices. History can itself the role of India in the world trade. Before the intrusion by England, India was mainly an exporting country of manufactured goods.

SPORTS INDUSTRY The sports industry in India has witnessed a phenomenal growth over the five decades and now occupies a place of prominence in the Indian economy in view of its massive potential for employment growth and export. According to an article in Chamber Patrika, Shri Murasali Mmaram , Union Minister of Commerce and Industry, has announced the Medium Term Export strategy for a 5 years period from 2002-2007. MARKETING Marketing is challenging and exciying. The solving of marketing problems requires insight, experience and analytical ability.

Take the case of a company faced with the problem of increasing its sales. Increase in the sales at the expense of profits may not be a desirable objective.

Again there are many ways in which sales can be increased e. g. by finding new customers or selling more to existing customers. MARKETING STATEGY The word “Strategy” has been used in a variety of ways. Its most common usage has been in connection with the individual elements contained in the “Marketing mix”e.

g. product strategy, price strategy, channel strategy and promotion strategy. Some writers have chosen to define it as the marketing mix itself, given a certain set of market conditions opportunities. In more recent years the literature has indicated use of product market relationships as the basis for alternative marketing strategies. 1. 1 OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY 1.

To clarify the concept of marketing, marketing cost and marketing margins. 2. To study the various channels of marketing working in the field of footballs. 3.

To analyze the cost of marketing Footballs at different levels to analyze the marketing margins at different levels of consumptions. 4.

To arrive at logical conclusion from the study, to suggest measure for the improvement in the marketing of football and to bring marketing cost at justifiable level. 1. 2 IMPORTANCE Sports goods industry has an immense importance in the economy of district Meerut. It is a growing has a worldwide market and is contributing in earning foreign exchange for the country and the footballs produce by this industry.

Realizing the importance of this industry government has provided a separate complex in Mohakampur (Meerut) Though this industry flourishing sturdily in this area, yet it is felt that there is a large scope for the improvement in marketing system of this industry which will result in the form of lowering its marketing cost at different levels besides it is also felt that the marketing margins should be met reasonable and acceptable so that it would be feasible for both the parties the consumer and marketing functionary.

Keeping in view the above mentioned facts the topic entitled “Analytical study of marketing of sports goods- A study of district Meerut with special reference to football Manufacturer ; Traders” IMPORTANCE OF MARKETING CONCEPT TO INDIAN MARKET- The question is often raised whether marketing concepts are relevant to a developing country like India, as the Indian economy is based on agriculture and the market of India is characterized by the shortage of goods and services.

Moreover, the economic framework of India’s industrial or servicing sector does not denote a highly competitive environment. But it is not so. The concepts of marketing are adopted by Indian industries with great interest. The prime reason behind this is that India is developed as a mixed economy country hence it posses several feature of a free marketing economy due to the participation of private sector in a very wide range of indus¬trial and commercial activities. It is observed [hat in recent years, the functions of marketing in India have got tremendous changes.

It is being recognized as a profession.

Marketing now means the creation of demand rather than the creation of customer, It is also expected by the marketing section of an industry to satisfy the needs of the society and to improve the standard of living at the same time. These changes have increased the liabilities as well as importance of marketing managers in Indian industries. The importance of marketing concepts to Indian markets can be visualized through the following points – 1.

To inspire the industrial sector for the development and product ion of new products. 2.

To convert the Indian market from seller’s market to buyer’s market. 3. To create more employment opportunities. 4. To develop a healthy competitive business environment.

5. To utilize the available resources of the country to its maximum potential. 6. To promote the export trading in India. 7.

To enable the Indian industries lo face the MNC’s aggressive marketing in the present globalization era. 1. 3 HYPOTHESIS (i) The marketing system of Football has the potential of improvement to a large extent. (ii) Marketing cost and margins may be reducing to a reasonable level. (iii) There are some internal and external factors, which affect the marketing system marketing cost and marketing margin to a large extent. (iv) More efforts are required at government level for the efficient marketing of


1. 4 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Research is a logical and systematized application of the fundamentals of science to the general and overall questions of a study, and scientific techniques which provides precise tools, specific procedures and technical, rather than philosophical means for getting and ordering the data prior to their logical and manipulation. In this study both primary and secondary data are used. Secondary data is collected through the offices of sport goods specially footballs manucturer.

In order to collect primary data and other required information from the manufacturers and traders under study a questionnaire is prepared for collecting information require for the present work.

1. 5 LIMITATIONS 1. The accurate figures to production and supply could not be collected from the published records as the officials of footballs can be reluctant to give any information either from the units under survey. 2. The interviewing units can be hesitant to give correct figure and information due to the fear of leakage of their loop-halls prevailing in their business. Further, these units would be found suspicious about the govt.

intervention in their business which kept them reserve even in talking about their problems which they would be facing in running their business smoothly 4. They generally tried to avoid such and interview. However, the investigator made here but possible efforts to get the require information from them by reassuring them that the present information collected from them would be used only further interpretation of facts for research purpose. . 6 ORGANIZATION OF THE REPORT The researcher has organized the report in to three parts. First Part, Introduction, Introduces the sports good industry and the limitations.

The Second Part of the report, literature review develops the main theme of the research report. Part Third of the report include analysis of data and conclusion extracted from it. The researcher has suggested few recommendations in section three of this report.