A Reader Response Critique of He and I

The story being reviewed is Natalia Ginzburg’s “He and I”. The characters in the story consist of a husband and a wife. To sum it up, the wife is the narrator and she tells her story about her marriage and the differences between them. The theme I think of when reading this story is Feminism and/ or relationships. The themes go along with the two different criticims, which are Feminist and Reader Response. These two fit because a reader can use Feminist criticism to analyze the way her husband opresses her and the struggles a spouse must go through when living in this situation.

As for Reader Response, it can be used to analyze the story becaise it can relate to the readers life, for example maybe a reader has experiences with opressive partners or unhappy relationships. Overall, I personally would recommend this piece of literature. I found it interesting and I even feel enlightened by the whole story. I can relate it to my life because I have witnessed a relationship just like the one in the story; and I am sure others can find a relation as well. It is a well written piece of work, and gives the reader an in depth look at unhappy, oppressive relationships.

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