A Rose For Emily Character Trait/analisis essay

William Faulkner describes the main character Miss Emily Grierson with many negative traits and quite a few dark and twisted traits too. Miss Emily Grierson is a conservative woman who has many surprises in store for the southern town of Jefferson.

She is miserable, and mentally unstable, but she does have a positive trait of being stern. Miss Emily Grierson seems to be ok until her farther dies, that is when she becomes miserable she grieves for him for 3-4 days after his death. She never comes out of her house anymore and seems to never open or answer the door either, “After her fathers death she went out very little”. The townspeople started to feel sorry for her. She also never met or dated any boys and never got married, “Poor Miss Emily”. Miss Emily Grierson’s emotional state of being miserable because of her father’s death, affected her mental state causing her to be mentally unstable (or insane, psychotic, crazy).

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She starts meeting Homer baron after 10 years and the townspeople think she’s all happy now but she still is miserable and b/c of that she completely becomes mentally unstable and seems to want to keep homer for her self and not let him have the chance to leave her so she goes to buy poison. The druggist asks her what she wants it for but Miss Emily just keeps saying “I Want Poison” and the druggist lets her have it with no explanation. After Miss Emily Dies, and is buried the townspeople goes into the room she never opened and they find homers corpse in the bed, and next to it, an indention of a head and a piece of long gray hair strand in a pillow. Other than her negative traits she has at least one good trait, she is stern (brave). This trait unlike her many other traits is positive. When the tax collectors come to collect taxes she stands up to them.

When they first came to the door and asked her to pay her taxes she says ” I have no taxes in Jefferson” they keep asking her and she still is saying “I Have No Taxes in Jefferson”. Then her stern trait takes affect, “Tobe! Show these men out. The men are forced to leave. This shows her positive trait of being stern (brave). Miss Emily from all her negative traits had at least one good one, her sternness (or braveness). She could stand up to the city tax collectors! She probably could have stood up anyone with this great trait.

Now back to the negative