A Study on the Influence of “No Approved Therapeutic Claims

The respondents of the study were restricted to the customers of Mercury Drug branches located only in Dasmarinas, Cavite.

It did not include other consumers buying from other pharmacies or drug stores situated in Dasmarinas, Cavite. The study only focused on dietary supplements and not on the other types of supplements in the market. It concentrated only on the buying behavior of the customers of Mercury Drug branches in Dasmarinas, Cavite. It did not concern the other types of behavior and the effect of dietary supplements to the respondents’ health.

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The study centred only on the packaging of dietary supplements that has the disclaimer “No Approved Therapeutic Claims”.

Methodology The researchers used descriptive research to obtain information related to the study. It used survey questionnaire as an instrument to get information needed in the study. The researchers conducted and distributed surveys questionnaires using 100 Statistical Boundary as a sampling technique to the customers of different Mercury Drug Branches in Dasmarinas, Cavite_34 respondents in Robinson’s Pala-Pala Branch, 33 respondents in Dasmarinas Aguinaldo Highway Branch, and 33 respondents Paliparan, Dasmarinas Branch.

The researchers used the Percentage Distribution formula to determine the data of the survey: The formula for the computation of percentage distribution is [pic] The second formula helped in determining the mean of the data. That is the weighted mean.

[pic] With the aid of a statistician, the researchers got the results of the survey of the study. From the results, the proponents based the conclusion of the study. Major Findings Based on the result of the survey, it shows that most of the respondents are aware of “No Approved Therapeutic Claims”.

They understand its meaning and it also affects their decision of buying dietary supplements. Therefore, they agree that they are hesitant to buy dietary supplements.

Their opinion is neutral when asked about their determination to buy dietary supplements. They agreed that “No Approved Therapeutic Claims” has an effect to their buying decision. For the topic, frequency of buying dietary supplements, most of the respondents answered that they do not buy dietary supplements followed by they buy it once a month. Conclusion: 1. No Approved Therapeutic Claims” has an influence on the buying behavior because most of the customers are aware of the disclaimer and they understand its meaning. 2.

They also agreed that it affects their buying decision. It was found out that the customers’ conviction to buy is only on neutral. They agreed that they are hesitant to buy dietary supplements with the disclaimer. They also agreed that they postpone buying dietary supplements and a great percentage agreed that they do not buy at all after seeing the disclaimer. 3. Moreover, most of the customers do not buy dietary supplements.

Recommendations: 1. This study should be used as a source of information for Advertising and Marketing students because of the data presented are related to the course. 2. Future researchers can include different media tools as they are usually used in advertising and it is also important to have the profile of the respondents to know its relation to the influence of the disclaimer “No Approved Therapeutic Claims”. 3.

Advertising agencies must have strategies to convince the customers to buy the products since, disclaimer influences the buying behavior of the customers. List of Figures: . Figure 1. The conceptual Paradigm of the Study 2. Table 1. The awareness of “No Approved Therapeutic Claims” indicated on the dietary supplements 3.

Table 2. The level of awareness of the customers of Mercury Drug branches in Dasmarinas, Cavite to “No Approved Therapeutic Claims” 4. Table 3. The level of understanding to “No Approved Therapeutic Claims” as perceived by the customers 5. Table 4.

The level of decision of buying dietary Supplements 6. Table 5. The level of conviction of the customers in buying dietary supplements with “No Approved Therapeutic Claims” 7. Table 6.