A THOUGHT The pressure just keeps increasing. I feel as though I am losing control over myself as I am growing up.

Pictures of the studious and overachieving little me are starting to flood my mind. This may sound crazy, but I think I am jealous of the child I was a few years ago. This April, I’ll begin with the 10th grade. The grade that decides your destiny. And all i want is to do well, but then so does everyone else. There is so much competition and i feel as though people are stepping on me to get ahead.

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I can’t even talk to anyone anymore because i feel they judge me and talk about me behind my back. I am lonely and stressed. Maybe this is what every teenager feels like. None that I know of. It’s hard trying to understand this fad of getting far in life and earning well but I find myself tied up to the same string.

I can’t break loose. No matter how hard I try. So, I just keep going on with my life like nothing is wrong. I am going to lose control anytime now, I know so for sure and all the life ahead is going to slip away from the cracks between my fingers and I’ll start to miss the person I am now.