A True Urban Ledgend #1

You think that urban legends are just made up stories? Think again. In the late 1970’s, a young woman had accused someone of rape. When asked what the accused said to her before the attack, she was overwhelmed with embarrassment. The court allowed her to write it down. She did and the note was passed from juror to juror.

There was an older man in the jury who had fallen asleep in the middle of the trial. There was a beautiful black haired woman who was sitting next to him. She took the note and started reading it to herself. She shook her head in disgust of the “..

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. dirty laundry that needs hanging up… ” note. She elbowed the older man sitting next to her.

He awoke with a start. She folded the note and passed it to him. Still half awake, he read the note. His eyes grew wide and he started smiling. He read the note again, winked at the woman and put the note in his pocket.

When the judge asked for the note to be handed to him, the man refused. ” I can’t give you this note your honor. This is a personal matter between the woman and I. ” The moral of this true urban legend? If you are on jury duty, don’t fall asleep or might just look like a huge idiot.