A Walk In the Forest Short Story

Clara and her sister Gabby have been forbidden from venturing into the forest behind their house forever. The girls have become very mischievous. Sometimes the girls interrogate their mother by questioning “why can’t we go in the forest?” Angry, being a martinet she responds “Clara and Gabby, you are too young and if you take one step into the forest there will be consequences.” One day Gabby screamed “I can’t take it anymore! Why can’t we enter the forest? In animosity my mother responds saying ‘there will be consequences,’ I don’t believe her! How horrid could the forest be?” Little did the girls know the forest is evil. Once you get drawn in, there is no way to escape.

“I have a brilliant idea,” declared Gabby, “when mother leaves for work we should venture into the forest. If anything frightening occurs we can instantly leave.” After being persuaded they were ready for the forest that waits before them. Throughout the girl’s life they had always been obedient to their mother. Suddenly, they were off, warily making their way to the entrance of the forest. As they made their way closer a “beware” sign became visible.

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The girls didn’t stop, they figured it would be craven to give up already. Hesitantly, the girls entered the forest. As they commenced wandering through the forest they were flabbergasted. The nature and wildlife was stunning. Gabby turned to Clara in awe saying “Wow! The forest is wonderful and commodious, why must our mother keep us from such a sight.

” As the girls continued exploring in the forest they remembered that they should return home before their mother gets back. On their way home Clara turned to Gabby and said “Gabby, I never want to leave, this place is amazing.” Hours later, the girls still had not found their way back to their house “Mother is probably worried sick right now,” said Gabby, “I want to go home” “I’m exhausted, starving, and I miss mom” cried Clara. “We’re trapped, I can’t find the tree line anywhere” screamed Gabby. “There has to be a way out of here, we entered into the forest, we have to be able to exit” declared Clara. “I wish we would have been obedient towards mother, we would have never been trapped” cried Gabby.