A World with Grafting

Why have Apple trees that produce one specific apple when one can have apple trees that can produce four or five different types of apples? Grafting is a new technique that many farmers use to grow three or four types of apples on one tree. This method is very cost efficient, does not take up much space, and is very fruitful, it is becoming more and more popular as still another way to produce different fruits in one tree. The most important consideration in adopting this alternate method is that it is very inexpensive.

All that one need is an apple tree and a couple of branches from other trees of the same species, but of a different variety. This method could cost one a bit of time, but it will definitely pay off at the end. The male dormant part of the branch, the scion, is needed in order for this process, and the method of grafting will make the tissues of the two different apple varieties become one, so they merge together. The best part is that this technique can be used on cherry trees, pear trees, and even roses! And when spring time comes, people will be able to see the different blossoms of all the fruit varieties, which will provide a beautiful array of beauty and contrast. This horticultural technique is our modern way of receiving an overabundance of fruits! Furthermore, this improved fruit tree will require much less space since it can cross-pollinate by itself.

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Almost all fruit trees need another of its same species, but a different variety in order to bear fruit. The cross pollination issue is easily solved in grafted trees because these fruit trees have buds and flowers of a different variety so they will pollinate with the original fruit variety of the tree. Thus, not only will grafting produce a ton of apples, but it will also save people a great deal of money. Additionally, this type of tree will also not take much space, since there only needs to be one tree. Thus, those who would like to have a fruit tree on their property, and have very limited space, should get a tree that is grafted because it is highly recommended.

Moreover, this method is very fruitful, giving lots of fruits and being very productive, because it yields tons of fruits. A grafted tree gives many apples, and at different times of the year, too. For example, you may receive Yellow Delicious apples that come in August. Later, the next type of apple will be ready to harvest, such as Fuji apples that come from late September to beginning of October. The yield from the grafted tree will load your storage space and give you tons of apples throughout the year.

Recent studies prove that fruit grown organically are healthier and tastier than other grown apples. Also, grafting is being used a lot more often now, as it is obviously the better choice. Some factors to keep in mind, though, are that because these trees provide apples throughout the year, one may need to tie together some of the branches, with a Velcro type material, along with the main trunk, to add some more support. You may also find it quite helpful to “stake” the apple tree because it will not only help the main trunk grow strong, but will also help the tree through many of its first years of life. Some other problems with the grafted include pests.

One may not be the only one who loves apples, because insects and deer love to eat from them, right off the tree! Keeping insects and other animals in control will make your apples a lot healthier. Besides keeping this information in mind, all one really need to do is the grafting, and one needs to set aside a bit of land with access to partial-full sunlight, and nice soil. Considering all these factors will make ones’ grafted tree much more successful than a regular fruit tree. When one considers all these factors, grafted fruit trees are more productive, save space and money, and are superior to the ordinary tree. Nothing is healthier or tastier than fresh grown apples from ones’ tree, while the ones in the store may have chemicals applied to them. “Chemicals, n: Noxious substances from which modern foods are made.

” ~Author Unknown. Many fruits and other goods have chemicals in them or are have had chemicals applied to them. You can only avoid this by doing one of two things: 1) one would not eat anything at all, or 2) One would eat and grow their own produce from a reliable source. “As a child my family’s menu consisted of two choices: take it or leave it.” ~Buddy Hackett