Abortion Issue

While abortion is frowned upon in some social settings based on construed ethical shortcomings of the concept, it is inherently misunderstood given its potential impacts on society (Bailey, 2012). The decision to abort is reached after analyzing the consequences of pregnancy and carrying the pregnancy to term. Pregnancy can culminate to various scenarios; however, it is critical that the decision to abort is made not only for the good of the pregnant woman but also for the good of other people involved such as family and friends. In some cases, pregnancy can lead endangering the mother’s life; therefore, abortion becomes essential since the mother’s life has more significance to her family and society, contrary to the embryo which might endanger a woman’s life (Kaczor, 2011). Additionally, abortion prevents significant costs that might be imposed on society in medical bills where pregnancy might pose a danger to the mother.

In some instances, pregnancies are unplanned or are a result of criminal violations such as rape. In these circumstances, abortion creates a solution where an unwanted childis not born which might end up being abandoned or placed in child services systems (Swarz & Latimer, 2012). Such children grow up to be either criminals or individuals who task the society with social and economic challenges. In light of these, utility is derived through a selfless act of abortion.While, opponents of abortion might argue morality and preservation of life, it is essential to avert significant problems that might affect society as a result of dangerous or unwanted pregnancies (Bailey, 2012). Abortion should not be observed as a selfish act, but an act aimed at easing societal pain, difficulties and loss.

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Abortion is often required medically to preserve the mother’s life while in some instances; abortion prevents suffering, poverty, social and economic disability. This is seen where a woman aborts to prevent the birth of a child she knows herself to be mentally, physically or economically unable to provide for the child; hence both the mother and the child becoming a burden to society (Swarz & Latimer, 2012). In other instances, pregnancy prevents the realization of individual goals, whhich when, achieved contribute to building and strengthening the society. Therefore, each decision made to abort is made in view of potential consequences to the society; hence, abortion should not be frowned upon but should be viewed as a means to eliminating societal challenges. It is essential for people to have a number of children they are capable of providing for adequately. Therefore, in the event that parents have the inability of providing or supporting another child, then in the event of pregnancy abortion is a viable solution.

A child who cannot be supported puts a lot of pressure on the parent who may be meagerly employed or unemployed. Thus, more resources are needed for social aid, leading to heightened pressure on society to provide for additional members it may not be capable of supporting.While abortion may be disapproved by a number of groups such as religious organizations, circumstances may prove it crucial for abortion to be practiced. Therefore, abortion should be allowed; however, legal guidelines should be placed to prevent the exercise from being abused by individuals after self gain.