Abou Shakra Restaurant

Stannous Satanists De Barberry Marketing 210 Case Study AIBO Sahara Restaurant: Creating Customer Value the Old-Fashioned Way 1) The restaurant AIBO Sahara is located in Egypt.

It is a chain’s firm. They made their reputation on their delivery of charcoal cooking, and their basic traditional Egyptian food. They focused their policy on proposing a well-known traditional dishes and simple menu. The customer knows that if he order something to the company he

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Nil receive a product of quality fool of Egyptian flavors. 2) AIBO Sahara Company did not change so much since 1947, it stays quite close to their clients. Even if it is a chain’s restaurant it still looks like a family restaurant still nice to go in or to order to.

Rhea company still focused their attention on customer value. They always want to give to their client an entire satisfaction. In order to keep their image of a close restaurant, of high quality product with simplicity. ) AIBO Sahara doesn’t really deed to improve their advertisement strategy because they are already quite famous. They are the reference in Egyptian food restaurant. If people wants to eat a good meal of Egyptian dishes, they already know where to go, and it is to AIBO Sahara.

4) I think that the legacy of this chain’s will continue to do well, because this kind of restaurant would be a classic, the reputation of the restaurant would probably not fall down and I could suppose that when people asked if they want to go to an

Egyptian restaurant they asked “Do you want to go to AIBO Sahara? “. As long as they stay the kind of reference, the other original cooking wouldn’t change the success of the chain’s restaurant. 5) AIBO Sahara could has some solution to provide value from its customers. They change frequently the different menu with different typical product from Egypt or they could simply continue what they did until know and keep going on, maybe do some signboard advertisement and I think they will do fine.