Absent People Make the Biggest Difference in Our Link

Sometimes people who are absent make the biggest difference in our lives. When we do not have an important person in our lives it affect us a lot. In the first book of the Harry Potter series, Harry finds a mirror that will show him his heart’s desire.

The mirror shows him his parents and he is constantly going back to the mirror to see them. He got distracted with seeing his parents instead of focussing on his school work. Thankfully, Dumbledore helps him get back on track and stay focused. Harry didn’t let the absent people in his life distract him anymore. In the TV show Clarence, Suse gets a letter from his dad that he will be home on his birthday.

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He gets very excited because he had not see him in years. But when the day of the party comes Suse’s dad is nowhere to be seen. Instead of enjoying his special day he focused on the fact that his dad never came. Suse finally realized that his dad was never coming and it ruined that birthday and all his birthdays yet to come. In the book Wolf by Wolf, Yael lost all the important people in her life during the tragic event of the holocaust. She got tattoos of their names on her arm and traces them every night, so she remembers them.

They inspire her to complete her almost impossible mission, race across the country to kill Hitler. Just take a second and wonder what a difference it would make if you did not have the most important person in your life right now. Huge, right? The people who are missing in our lives make the biggest difference.