Accounting Involves Analysis

Accounting Accounting involves analysis of an organization’s accounts and fiscal trends to provide data to advise those in business to make accurate decisions and predictions based on the economy. Accountants maintain the financial records and record transactions of businesses, corporations and non-profit organizations, as well as governmental units. Entry Level Positions Staff accountant Auditor/ accountant Corporate accountant Actuary Governmental accountant Financial analyst

Tax advisor Further Education/Experience Required Certified public accountant Financial consultant Managerial consultant Financial manager Controller Accounting educator Treasurer For more information on positions in accounting please refer to www. bls.

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gov Enhancing Employability Participate in internships and Join relevant student organizations and associations to develop networking and leadership skills.

Develop advanced computer skills as well as mathematical and problem solving abilities, xcellent computer skills and the ability to work well with people. Employers of Accounting Majors Accounting firms Business and industry Banks/Credit Unions Insurance companies Private practice