Act Scene Analysis

There love and relationship is strong and they don’t wish to be apart, everything seems to be going perfectly. However, contrastingly by the end of Act Ill Scene l, Romeo starts to question his love for Juliet and whether he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. Also, Juliet is so angry with Romeo that she says that past his beautiful appearance, Inside he has a “Serpent heart.

The whole of the first scene in Act Ill contains the most hatred fight In the play and stresses the severity of the family feud. At the start of this Act, Romeo is full with love after being married with Juliet, however, due to the fighting and the deaths that occur in this scene, Romeo realizes that Americium’s death was due to his actions and that Gullet’s love, “Hath made him effeminate.

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” This then causes Romeo to change his view towards Juliet and return to his old personality where he wishes to fight, resulting in him murdering his cousin In ere cousin, Table, she then has mixed opinions towards Romeo and even says, “Shame come to Romeo! The language written in this scene by Shakespeare is used to portray each of the characters evil sides and their anger towards each other. It is used In a way that makes the feud look Like a horrid thing that simply results In death. The characters constantly throw insults back and forth In this scene during the fight, such as when Table says, “Thou art a villain,” to Mercuric indicating he is a present and he is of lower class to Table.

Another use of insult was when Table states that Mercuric, “Consorted with Romeo,” indicating that Romeo and Mercuric are plotting against something. During the fight, in Act Ill Scene l, there are also more insults being said, like when Mercuric calls Table, “You rat-catcher.

” The use of language in this scene changes the mood of the play, from a loving romantic play to a play about the feud and the hatred between two families. Towards the end of the scene, Mercuric Is about to die and stresses his feelings about the feud when he says to Romeo and

Benevolent, “A plague a ‘both houses! ” And curses both the families for starting the feud. The characters are seen In a different way In this scene, the feud and the language and Insults being said brings out the bad side of everyone and shows how bad the feud is and what it has done to the Montage’s and the Caplet’s. Romeo is a clear example of this, when he changes his opinion of Juliet in the space of less than a day, from being madly in love with her and thinking he doesn’t want to be with her any more.

In Act II Scene Ill, Friar Lawrence describes a plant, which has both good and bad things In It; he says It has both grace (good) and rude will (bad).

Later on he says how this Is the same In a man too, grace and rude will. This scene brings out the The final contribution as to why Act Ill Scene I is a pivotal scene in the play is how the scene is structure. It is a huge contrast to the previous scene and a perfect example of Juxtaposition.

The previous scene, Act II Scene V, is filled with love and passion teen two star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet, and the next scene, Act Ill Scene l, is a fight between two families and even between two newly related cousins. The fight is filled with hatefulness and violence and contrast greatly to the previous scene.

Overall, I believe that there isn’t Just one main factor that causes this scene to be the pivotal one in the play. I believe that all the reasons that I stated above contribute to the change in mood, personality and views of the characters in this section of the play.